GRE: A Global Course Through the Global Platform

GRE online coaching

The current trend of online learning method is providing an effective edge over the traditional methods of teaching. Various courses that require higher skills are being enrolled in a large number every year. Online tutorials are growing enormously due to reduced costs and flexible periods. GRE is such a course that is taken by most of the students as their career step. Therefore, GRE online coaching is gaining a great reputation due to its interactive and flexible teaching methods. Experts and specialists in every field are appointed from all over the world to deliver lectures at different periods.

GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a computer-based exam conducted by ETS (Educational Testing Service) to invite various applicants of graduate and business graduate programs.  It is a multiple-choice question test and can be given as many times as the candidate would like to.

There are two types of GRE tests: GRE subject test and GRE general test

GRE General tests- The students who want to take admissions to various master programs appear for this general test. Under this test, the candidate is evaluated based on analytical writing, Quantitative ability, and verbal reasoning. This test appears several times in a year and the students can apply for this as per their convenience.

 GRE subject tests- This evaluates the ability of the candidate on a particular subject like mathematics, English literature, physics, chemistry, biology, etc. This test helps the applicants to get admissions in particular courses of their specialized fields.

GRE General Tests are based on three factors:

Verbal reasoning- This section assesses the reading comprehension and vocabulary usage. This section is given 30-minutes for completing 20 questions. It also tests the reasoning ability through ten critical reading questions.  Sentence completion and arrangements have been given a great emphasis.

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Quantitative section- It assesses mathematical knowledge in the form of 20 questions. This section is allowed 30-minute duration. And, the questions are basically from high school mathematical topics in the form of quantitative comparisons, problem-solving skills, and data interpretation questions.

Analytical writing section- This section is divided into two tasks- Issue and argument task. The candidate is required to write an essay on a computer system without any advanced features like spell-checker or grammar -checker. Under the Issue task, the applicant is given 30 minutes to write an essay about the selected topic. And, a series of facts and statements are given under the argument task and the test-taker is asked to critique the argument. The applicant is expected to logically reason out the argument rather than giving personal opinions. Both the tasks are given 30 minutes each for completion.

The online platform allows the tutors to upload assignments and notes on various GRE questions. The hints and answer key is also provided with a full explanation. The online courses also provide peer discussion at a large level which helps to gain knowledge at a larger scope. The bodies which are providing online courses are also being accredited helping the students to learn from trusted sources. Other than the course knowledge, Students also learn various software and virtual communication skills.

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