Step-By-Step Process for Entrepreneurs to Deploy SEO


There is the need to follow an actual procedure in SEO, especially if you’re an entrepreneur looking to market your business to its target audience.

Entrepreneurs like using SEO as their go-to marketing technique because it promises a way for businesses to reach audiences without investing a lot of money in reach and discoverability. SEO allows a business to make more people reach its website and engage with the company directly. 

The following steps highlight how exactly an entrepreneur must go about learning and deploying SEO. 

Step-By-Step Process to Learn and Deploy SEO

What are the basics, exactly?

Here are a few points that go through the basics –

  • List your business on Google My Business and other business listings

To make sure your business appears on Google Search, you’d need to list your mechanic garage on Google My Business. For many service-based businesses and retail stores, having a Google My Business page is very important. The listing helps prospects discover the business through Google.

There are other business listing services besides Google which can help too. Sulekha, Just Dial, and even Facebook are good platforms to list a business on. Out of all these listing platforms, Google My Business is probably the most important as it will direct the most relevant customers who are looking for you nearby. Also, encourage your customers to write reviews for your business. 

  • Create a business website

Again, this is not something that will take a lot of time. Buy a domain and hosting for the website. If you’re a novice in website development, the best option to build the website is choosing WordPress as CMS.

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WordPress is very easy to understand and use. If you’re confused about using WordPress, there are many YouTube tutorials on WordPress available for free. By going through a few videos on YouTube regarding the basics of using WordPress, you can essentially start running your website. 

  • Start learning SEO and Digital Marketing

Your website is ready. The next step is taking it to your audience. SEO will help your website rank better on search results. There are many ways to learn SEO. Many online courses, free and paid, are available to those willing to learn and take up new programs through which they can learn more. 

Then, there is also the option of attending a full-time digital marketing course at an institute. This option is also worth exploring and entrepreneurs willing to give up a few hours in a week should consider joining a good institute. 

Once you’re done with the basics, its time to really push the SEO cart with content.

  • Creating SEO-optimal Content

Your business, whatever field in which it may reside, must have certain tenets people like talking about. 

For instance, if you’re startup is in fintech, your audience is people who are interested in finance-related topics. There is an entire volume of content you post on your business website to attract such people and bring them to your website. Even in such a field not normally considered particularly glamorous or popular, there is plenty of room to write a good quality content related to the field.

People say a lot about SEO, attaching various deeper levels of complexity to it. However, like marketing, SEO can be boiled down to one key element, content. If the content you write actually helps the people reading it, you’re already on the right track. 

  • Deploy SEO Principles
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Finally, entrepreneurs must continue to use SEO lessons to improve the reach of their website on search engines. This means covering all necessary aspects, from on-site tweaks to improve SERPs to building quality backlinks, all things entrepreneurs learn in SEO have to actually be applied. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers the steps an entrepreneur must take to deploy SEO for his/her business.

About the Author – Gagan Bhat is a well-known marketing consultant and content expert currently working for The institute is highly regarded for its digital marketing course & one of the best & affordable digital marketing institute in Delhi.. 

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