Is Online Shopping Killing Physical Stores: Let’s Know the Reality:


It is a common observation of consumers that online shopping affects retail stores. Now if we look at the ground realities e-commerce is certainly taking its share of the buyers but e-commerce replacing high street retailers is a very vague concept as there are many factors to observe. E-Commerce stores allow clients to purchase different products online and get them conveniently delivered to their doorstep. However, offline stores have a major advantage over e-commerce stores which is that you can actually touch and see the product and then decide if you want to buy it or not. Whenever you buy from offline stores you don’t have to worry about the variation in expected and original quality nor size. Online Shopping Killing Stores was also an awareness campaign on social media that was telling the consumers to prefer offline stores; however, it remained largely unrecognized and unappreciated because consumers decided to shop online for their convenience.

Impact of Online Shopping on Local Traders :

Recent analytics claim that the impact of online shopping on local traders is huge, especially in developed countries where people are busy and prefer to save their time by shopping online. Moreover, they also have all the resources for convenient online shopping. When it comes to developing or underdeveloped countries the change and adaptation to online shopping are taking place too but a relatively slower rate. Those local traders who were already dealing with high-quality products are least affected by the impact of online shopping, it is because of the high-quality products that people purchase from them instead of online stores to save on delivery charges. Those local traders who were dealing in relatively low-quality products and had less variety available are the ones who accuse e-commerce of ruining retail stores.

E-commerce Replacing High Street Retailer :

Many people believe e-commerce replacing high street retailers for good however e-commerce is simply taking a part of buyers from them. The ones that have low-quality products or less variety of products cannot sustain in the market anymore. Therefore such offline stores blame that online shopping is killing physical stores. Online shopping is killing physical stores for the good only as they have proposed high competition and they compel the offline stores to increase their quality to sustain in the market. When e-commerce was not there the consumers were helpless and they had to purchase whatever was available in the local market and stores. Now they have a better option and competition to the offline stores. The offline stores that are having a hard time competing with successful e-commerce websites complain that online shopping is killing physical stores, however, that is not at all the case. Companies are indeed willing to see e-commerce replacing high street retailers but let’s be realistic this is not happening any time soon. Offline stores are here to stay for a long time yet they need to make an effort to sustain in the market.

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Consumer Choice :

Consumers are aware of the impact of online shopping on local traders, the core reality is that the consumers love the convenience of ordering products online and receiving them from any part of the world yet still I don’t want e-commerce killing offline retailers. Most people love to go to the stores and purchase the things that they see there. You can infer from this that consumers love offline stores too and they certainly don’t want them to disappear all of a sudden. Most of the consumers prefer to purchase from the brands that have both online stores and offline outlets. They want that if they are busy then they can purchase online and if they want to go and purchase anything then they can go to the outlet of the same brand that they purchase online from.

E-commerce a Threat or Opportunity :

Online shopping is no doubt setting its foot in the market and it’s here to stay for a very long time as more people are getting used to shopping online. However, many clients still believe that having a face to face interaction with the seller or checking out the products before they are purchased and trying on the clothes to ensure their size are very important aspects of offline stores that online stores cannot provide therefore e-commerce ruining retail stores is not 100% of the reality. You can also see the online system as an opportunity and then e-commerce killing offline retailers will not apply to you as you will simply take advantage of its advantage instead of becoming a prey to its impact of e-commerce ruining retail stores.


Solution :

Online shopping is killing stores, is just merely an excuse for the low-quality products and service providers to compensate for their deficiencies. Online shopping affecting retail stores applies mostly only to the stores that are not looking at e-commerce as an opportunity but a threat. The best way out that is left for the offline store in a time when online shopping affects retail stores is that they run their business on two modules, one is physical and the other is online. In this way, the offline stores will not only be able to sustain but also boost their existing sales. You can just sit and enjoy the perks of offline and online shopping stores both while others sit and criticize online shopping killing stores. People who are saying that e-commerce killing offline retailers will lead to the end of stores and markets need to understand that they need to adapt to the changes that are coming in the world with technological advancement. Working the same way that you used to work 10 years ago is now going to take you nowhere. Adaptation is very important for offline stores if they want to survive in the continuously occurring technological advancement and changes in the way people shop. Working in both modules will be a great solution and a in time step that shall ensure your survival in the market as it promotes consumer satisfaction and convenience.

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