Obtain Accurate SERP Scraped Results Using Proxies For SERP

Using Proxies

Residential proxies are required to scrape search results. Most popular SEO experts have used a trick to rank the page based using a keyword. They asked their social media followers to search particular terms on Google and click through their website. This trick helped them find that this process improves the chances of getting rank for particular keywords.

CTR from the SERPs is one of the ranking factors that helped improve rank in this case. Google ranks the page higher when more people click through your result for a particular keyword. Let’s understand the meaning of proxy.

General Definition of a Proxy

Just like any other proxy, residential proxies work as a middle person between desktop and another server. A proxy server can easily fake the signature of a desktop. There are several reasons to use a proxy, and some are mentioned below.

  • Geo-targeted content is accessed by a proxy user.
  • Proxy users will use the network to stay anonymous.
  • A proxy user can get around blocking mechanisms.

What Is A Residential Proxy?

You have to find the difference between two proxy types that include data-center proxies and residential proxies. Residential proxies for SERP are known as real residential IPs. This IP is shared with people by internet service providers (ISP).

Every residential IP address is connected to dedicated computers or android devices and includes data related to the device’s location, network, and ISP. Residential IP is unique addresses that get stored as the IP of real people. Therefore, they are best for accessing websites that limit traffic from IPs linked with data centers and scraping activities.

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Use Of Residential IP Proxy Network

Residential IPs grants accessibility to websites that limit traffic from certain IP addresses. But these websites usually check user behavior till the person is on their site. For instance, a person is scraping 50 pages from a site that has imposed anti-scraping activities.

If they use a residential proxy, they can scrape the first few pages. Within a few minutes, the server will find out the user’s actions are inhuman and programmatic. Therefore, the server can block their IP address or confront them with a CAPTCHA for confirmation.

Here comes the need to use a residential proxy network. The residential proxy networks usually include a list of residential IPs. To stop a website server from noticing user behavior, after every request, the IP address gets rotated.

Legal Consideration When Using Residential Proxies

Most people overlook the legal aspect when it comes to successfully scraping search results using residential proxies. Using residential proxy IP is a legal method of visiting a site around the world. But there are certain things to remember while using residential proxy IP being completely legal.

You gain the ability to make several requests without getting identified by the webserver. However, people can make several requests that can overload a website, and it is not considered right as per the SERP algorithm. Those who are web scrapers should be ethical and respectful while scraping a website.

It doesn’t matter the scale of web scraping; you should follow best practices and avoid causing harm to the websites getting scraped. You should reduce the requests when a website informs that it is getting burdened by getting scraped by the network. As long as you are running the website safely, there is less chance of facing any legal issue.

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We hope now you understand the ways proxy network scrapes the search results. You should follow the best practices while using the residential proxy network. Avoid overloading the websites with too many requests. A proxy network will allow you to stay anonymous while scraping websites.

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