Estimation of the value of motor vehicles


KFZ Gutachter München independently and professionally assesses the value of motor vehicles, and to determine the real and market value of vehicles, we take into account all relevant parameters:

  • new purchase value of the vehicle
  • vehicle age and date of first registration
  • total mileage
  • general condition of the vehicle
  • investment
  • mode of exploitation
  • previous damage, manner and quality of repairs performed
  • supply and demand in the car market

Each assessment includes a detailed inspection of the vehicle and documentation, as well as a check of the kilometers traveled and so on.

Assessment of damage to motor vehicles

In the event of damage in traffic, we perform an independent and professional assessment of damage to motor vehicles using the latest methods and the latest IT advances. We perform damage assessments completely independently of insurance companies, car dealerships and car repair shops.

Impairment of vehicles

As a rule, in newer vehicles, when damage occurs, the repair costs are usually not the only damage to the vehicle, but it is necessary to take into account the reduced value of the vehicle. Impaired value of a vehicle is expressed in the form of impairment of the value of the vehicle caused after a quality and professional repair, and depends on: make, age, condition of the vehicle, degree of damage and the like.

Total damage

In the event of complete (total) damage to the vehicle, detailed analysis and inspection of the vehicle determines the real value of the saved parts (remains) of the vehicle, in order to ultimately obtain the actual amount of damage. Unfallgutachten München assesses the value of the vehicle.

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