Best and Easy-To-Use Apps for Investors

Apps for Investors

Keeping track of your investments can be overwhelming. Chances are you may have to go through a lot of tasks and calculations if you are doing it manually. Thanks to technology in the current digital age, there are so many apps that you can use and make things easy and hassle-free for yourself. This is not only very cost-effective where people and organizations had to hire specialists or accountants who charge a lot of money to get this important task done and make decisions on your company’s behalf. Managing and tracking your investments requires you to check out so many locations and stay updated on the status of your investments and also gets you through a challenging process where you have to select the ideal asset like Apps for Investors allocation percentages. 

Another way of having a check on your assets and different dynamics of the business world, you can have a look at the different business news and other channels that air shows regarding business and trade from around the world offered by Spectrum Silver packages of Spectrum cable TV. It gets you the round-the-clock updates of events and financial conditions as well. Let’s have a look at the different financial and Investment Tracking Apps for Investors that can make your work easy and handier.


This is one of the new apps that you can use and add more ease to your investment processes. The features offered by the app are outstanding and lets you connect investment accounts, the value of your home using Zillow and even the value of internet domains owned by your website. 

It gets you a visual representation of things including your net worth and organizes your investments separately. This means that you can create buckets for your taxable money, real estate and retirement. You can find the app very clean and simple and connected as investment accounts. 

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The app provides users with a smart way to get a commission-free investing and banking experience. Users also get to use the different tools that they might need to become good with investments. Using the app you can get yourself a checking, debit or savings card without any kind of minimum requirements or monthly fee. 

You can invest in cryptocurrency, US stocks, ETFs and other fractional shares for $0 commission. You can also learn and boost your knowledge about investment and finances using the Invstr Pro that has market blogs, podcasts and other academic material that can help you become an avid investor. 


This is one of the best and easy-to-use investment applications that not only help you make the best investment decisions but also helps you learn more about investments. The app uses robots and automated tools that do the strategic work for you and help you unlock the potential that your money has and grow itself. Betterment customizes your account just the way you want it and also gives your recommendations and lets you follow simple ways to get financial prosperity. 


This is one of the largest and independent Robo-advisors that can help you manage your money matters for a small fee. It doesn’t matter whether your money is in a taxable account or an IRA. To get things done, the app uses low-cost ETFs and creates your portfolio and considers the amount of risk you want to take and the time when you need your money. 

When you deposit money, the app adds it to your portfolio and maintains a balance on your account and considers looking after your goals as well. You can check out their cash management account as well 

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Acorn- Apps for Investors

This is one of the best apps for people who want to save money for retirement, making investments and checking. One of the things that makes the app stand out from the crowd is the ease of use it offers. You can link your debit or credit card to your account and let the app round up the amount of money on purchases and invest the difference into an ETF portfolio. 

It doesn’t cost much and as you add more dollars to the app you are provided with different features and tools that are useful if you intend to play around with your money for retirement and other financial needs. 

One of the best things about investing your money is that it always helps you save your money and increase your assets so that you can continue living a happy life even after retirement. If you use any of the above-mentioned investment tracking applications, you will be able to get a clear picture of your financial standing and how well your money is performing for you. At the end of the day, all you need is peace of mind and that’s what you can get using the above-mentioned apps.

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