The Best Bars and Restaurants in Dallas, TX


Dallas is one of the rowdiest cities to stop and grab a drink, but which watering hole do you pick? From the fun of The Standard Pour to the excitement of Dot’s Hop House, you can find flavors and experiences that would meet anyone’s expectations.

These are some of the best bars and restaurants in Dallas, and why you should check them out soon!

1. The Standard Pour

Everyone loves a nostalgic and fun Americana vibe, and The Standard Pour brings those in spades! This fun bar and eatery offer handcrafted cocktails and awesome comfort food served in a welcoming and nostalgic destination. Not only are the drinks and eats here affordable, but locals and tourists alike agree this is the best place to stop and cut loose.

From ladies’ night to happy hour and the dozens of fun events, you’ll want to come out every night that The Standard Pour is open, so you never miss anything! This is a fantastic destination for everyone. 

2. Dot’s Hop House 

Voted the best bar in Texas by the Google rating system, Dot’s Hop House and Cocktail Courtyard is a fun destination for any weekend. Although it serves incredible drinks, it’s still family-friendly, ensuring anyone can stop and enjoy that awesome food and fun environment here. 

Although this is one of the more expensive options on this list, it’s worth the cost to stop and have a little fun. Whether your drink of choice is an old-fashioned or a Shirly Temple, you’ll want another drink after your first taste! 

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3. Bowen House

When you’re ready for a drink and a break from looking at houses for rent in Dallas, it’s time to hitch your horse to the Bowen House. If you enjoy Victorian-styled bars, you’ll fall in love with Bowen House! This fantastic bar offers craft beers and cocktails and a very meat-heavy menu to ensure you feel like you’ve stepped back into a tastier time for everyone.

Many of the dishes here are made for sharing, so don’t be shy about bringing friends! The best thing you can do is mix and match plates and end up with a fun combination of flavors. 

4. Apothecary

When you want to eat and drink somewhere, that’s overloaded with ambiance and attractive vibes. It’s time to stop and check out Apothecary. This vintage-industrial-looking restaurant and bar have a little bit of everything for everyone while still keeping a steady voice throughout the entire location.  

Most love the Chicken 65, while others say their favorites were the fun sides that you could order with the drinks. This is a perfect place for a first date or any anniversary! Just make sure to plan ahead for a ride home because the drinks are powerful and delicious!

There’s Nothing Like a Good Drink and Great Company

Fun company and delicious alcohol can make a magical combination, so it’s vital that you pick the best bar or club possible! Check out some of these fantastic destinations, and you’ll fall in love with Dallas!

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