How to save money on cable and internet bills?

cable and internet bills

Only financial analysts and economists can think that saving money is easy because let me be clear, it is not! Especially if you are a shopaholic, money-saving can be a real pickle.  Offering myself as an example, I used to spend all my salary by paying for my credit cards and it got real tough real soon. That is when I decided to get my finances on track. Now I could not stop myself from spending on the necessities and even some luxuries, but I did crack a code. In order to save money, you need to get smarter – and once you elevate the smarts in your life, nothing can keep you from managing your finances adequately and even save some bucks aside in cable and internet bills. 

The first and easiest thing to save money is by evaluating the services you use and find out if they provide value for money. I have saved so much money from my cable and internet bills, and that is going to be the focus of this article for cable and internet bills. 

Read along to find out how you can save more than 100 USD yearly on your cable and internet bills.

Compare the service providers in your vicinity

Finding a good deal on the internet and cable that saves you money too, can be a task and you might need to get creative and patient with the process. Your first step should be to find out all the service providers that offer cable and internet services in your area. Deciding on a plan or service provider before knowing if they offer services in your area might just be the worst of all ideas because not all providers have a set base in all areas. On such an account, make sure that you conduct good research. Once you know which service providers are available to you, you need to compare their services, plans, packages, bundle deals, additional perks, and customer service reviews. This is how you will know which providers will allow you to save the most amount of money. However, please note that you should never compromise on the services just because of the costs. Check out channel lineup, internet speeds, expert opinions, and customer reviews before making up your mind.

Understand your bills

For a new cable and/or internet customer, the first few months are a definite honeymoon phase. While you can watch hundreds of HD cable and digital channels and enjoy ultra-fast internet speeds, you also are billed the minimum amounts. However, the bitter reality is bound to hit you some time and that feeling when you get your regular bill charges is the worst. In order to avoid any surprise at a later stage, you must read your service contract very carefully. You should also be aware of your monthly bill and its content. I know it seems technical but once you read it carefully, it will become a whole lot easier. If you find something odd in the bill, make sure to discuss it with the customer support team of your provider.

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Enjoy service bundles 

The worst thing you can do in terms of finances is to pay separately for your cable and internet services. I am saying this from experience – you might like one provider for internet and another for cable but exercising on this appeal is wrong in so many terms. The first of which is the hassle you have to go through because of multiple bills and service providers. Even if this does not bother you, the fact that you can save a lot of money by bundling up services is a great plus if you want to save some extra bucks. Another reason for opting for service bundles is that your worth as a customer increases as you would be paying for more than one service. Most providers offer year-round bundle deals that have additional benefits too. Taking this further, if you explore Spectrum packages, you will find out that it offers download speeds starting from 100 Mbps, free HD channels, unlimited data, a complimentary modem, and a security suite in all its bundle deals.

Minimize your service intake

One misconception when it comes to service subscriptions is that you need all the channels and the highest internet speeds. This is not true at all – you need as much as you can enjoy. If you are the only internet user in your family, subscribing to a 1000 Mbps internet connection might not be the best decision. Similarly, paying separately for multiple movie cable channels like HBO and Starz should never be a choice. There are plenty of online free streaming platforms that let you watch any number of movies and so you should use those sites. Furthermore, you should limit your DVR plan, as there is no need to save recorded content for that long. Bottom line is that if you find yourself spending money on things that you do not use, it is wise to cut back.

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Subscribe to only internet

This is by far the boldest of moves yet but it sure works. Not everyone needs a cable connection – evaluate your entertainment needs and see if you can make do without it. If you do not watch all the cable channels or are only interested in TV shows and movies, you can cut the cord right away. It will not only save a lot of money but also would allow you to declutter your entertainment choices. More than 200 streaming services are working in the United States and while you can find free online streaming platforms, paying for these services is also not that expensive. If you are someone who does not want to let go of a cable subscription due to sports content, you will be glad to know that live streaming services like fuboTV, YouTube TV, and Sling can clear all your doubts. 

You can also cut your phone service by using social media platforms for communication purposes. You can use Whatsapp, Snapchat, Messenger, and Instagram for casual conversations and for professional use; you can get your hands on apps like Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet. 

Be a good negotiator

If you are at the end of your contract and have been a good customer throughout your term, you have great room for negotiation. Finding the plans and packages offered by different companies to quote to your service provider can also be a good approach. 

A good negotiation tip is to always be persistent and courteous while maintaining professional decorum. However, if your customer service rep does not offer you a better rate, you can always ring up the support team again as different representatives have different approaches.


While saving money can be tough, it is important in this economy. Finding ways to lower your bills is a great money-saving approach and you should even check out other essential and luxury things that can add to your saving routine.

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