What are the reasons to buy the 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan?


People who want an SUV virtually capable of anything must not miss out on the latest Volkswagen Tiguan. Whether they want an SUV for off-road adventures or a spacious vehicle, the latest Volkswagen Tiguan delivers. And what is the bonus of owning this SUV? Some trims lend a particularly high driving excitement. The multipurpose design of this car makes it perfect for Out-of-town road excursions. The spacious design allows the whole family to enjoy an outing. The accommodating cargo area is great. The high towing capacity of the model is perfect for families to carry things like watercraft and campers. Make sure to buy the Tiguan from the Volkswagen dealer Ontario so that you can avail great benefits.

High-performance engine and models

This model is available with a Hemi V8 engine. However, most will find the standard V6 engine sufficient. This engine provides sufficient acceleration for easy highway merging. The V6 engine has a 6,200 pounds maximum towing capacity. The engine’s 26 mpg fuel economy rating is perfect for everyday commuting.

This model offers a thrilling driving experience. People can choose from two high-performance versions. The SRT trim features a Hemi V8 engine of 6.4 liters that belts out an energizing 475 horsepower. The trim featuring an engine of 707 horsepower offers the ultimate performance. The trims are not just very powerful and fast. Their sports-calibrated suspension facilitates sharper handling.

The ultimate Off-Road Machine

The Volkswagen Tiguan is perfect for adventure buffs keen on embarking on extreme terrain. This super-rugged trim can conquer the most intimidating off-road trails. The improved 4WD system optimizes traction, and an adaptable air suspension lends additional ground clearance. Other features for taking on intimidating off-road trails are underbody shields, tow hooks, and a multi-mode TCS.

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Signature Look

Signature styling makes this model stand out in its class. The front fascia is particularly unique with a hallmark seven-slot grille and headlights. All trims have unique themes. The Volkswagen Tiguan model sports a rugged look while the other variants sport a sleeker look. Buyers can also choose from some different wheels designs.

A trim for luxury car enthusiasts

The Volkswagen Tiguan is for people who prefer luxuriousness over performance. This trim will match several present-day pricey models. Besides an upscale exterior with chrome accents, the premium interior will woo luxury car enthusiasts. Quilted leather seats add to the plush atmosphere. Upgraded glass and Noise-control technology facilitate an extra-quiet ride.

More great features

The Volkswagen Tiguan has several other great features. There is the superb Uconnect Infotainment System and an excellent Antilock Braking System. What more is there? People have three options for Audio Systems. They are the standard six-speaker stereo system and more advanced Alpine and Harman Kardon audio systems. The vehicle’s off-road capabilities make it even more versatile. There is hardly a job that the model cannot handle. Visit Ontario Volkswagen dealer  and test drive the Tiguan today.

The latest Volkswagen Tiguan has several accident-avoidance technologies. The FCW with Active Braking avoids unexpected road hazards while BLIS detects other vehicles. The optional add-on APS is perfect for People who have to commute in the big city regularly. The LKA and SCC features are also helpful features for commuting in the big city regularly.

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