What Appointments to Expect when Immigrating to the United States?

Immigrating to the United States

Moving from one country to another can be secondary to a handful of reasons. The United States is often the first on the list when talked about immigration. As a part of the Immigrating to the United States , capital of the world, admission to the country involves various procedures. 

If you belong to the population who desires to immigrate to the U.S., hiring an immigration lawyer can be the easiest choice. Due to the number of appointments and legal matters before your move, professional assistance can help you achieve a smoother and faster transaction. For further information, here are some of the appointments to anticipate before Immigrating to the United States.

Application for Immigration

If you decided to hire an immigration lawyer, they would assist you from the start. You are required to submit a File I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative) to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Your application process may vary depending on your current location and residential status. 

Filing while you are inside the United States, your citizen or green card holder sponsor can file a Form I-130 and can quickly be submitted in any USCIS office (You may refer to the USCIS website for office locations). For petitioners outside the U.S., you may submit the same form via their website or at your country’s United States embassy. 

Processing of Visa

Once the petition has been approved, you may proceed with processing your visa. You will be handed to the National Visa Center for registration of the case. If the processing is accomplished, NVC will notify you through electronic or physical mail. You may also refer to the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) to track your visa process and status. 

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Once you receive a Welcome Letter granting your petition for an immigrant visa, you will pay for mandatory fees for your Immigration Visa Application Processing and Affidavit of Support Fee (can vary per case). After settling payment fees, you can wait for one week for the NVC to process your costs. 

Interview Preparation and Proper

After completing all mandatory financial and evidence documents, you, your petitioner, and your immigration lawyer will receive notification from the NVC with your appointment time and date for the interview.

However, before the interview proper, you are required to schedule a complete Physical Examination by any certified Medical Doctor in the country. The Physician must be approved and authorized by the Embassy. The Panel Physician will send your medical exam results straight to the Embassy or to you. If sent to you, you will have to bring it to your visa interview. You must complete this procedure before scheduling a visa interview date. 

Once all prerequisites are complete, including required documentation for an interview, you may schedule your visa interview. A Consular Officer will then interview you to see whether you are eligible for a grant or not. 


The overview of immigration to the United States requires a crucial understanding of legal matters and documentation. An immigration lawyer can assist you further to avoid consular conflicts or rejection of the petition.

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