Types Of Shirt Every Man Should Own


The normal world thinks that men are limited only with few options when it comes to fashion compared to women. But that is just a myth surfacing the world. A men’s wardrobe is also a piece of furniture that can overflow when the right cloth is selected. Having a good selection of shirts is a no brainer. The confusion comes in exactly the shape of the shirt. There is no better wonder garment like a shirt best suited for different occasions. Wear it to a business meeting, wear it at a pub also wear it to a funeral. There is no other piece of clothing that is versatile as a men’s shirt. Confused which to stock in your wardrobe? Well, these are the 8 must-have shirts men should own.

The classic oxford button-down shirt

When John Brooks in 1896 created this shirt little did he know that this would be a classic piece of dress that will stand the test of time? This classic button-down shirt is a different take of the basketweave oxford cloth. The thick fabric and a button-down collar gives the casual edge to the traditional style of dressing. This casual shirt will act as the glue that holds various pieces of the wardrobe together. The wide array of color options and versatile nature of the shirt makes it perfect for anything from wedding to office.

The dress shirt

No matter if you don’t like the idea of suiting or booting up, a dress shirt is a must in every man’s wardrobe. To pull off the perfect tuxedo look, this simple and elegant piece of article uis something that can’t be replaced. The dress shirt for men is like sun for the summer. This shirt is thick and heavy compared to a normal shirt and it achieves the difference with wing or cutaway collar and double cuffs. 

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Flannel shirt

The last two in the list were the exemplary options on a formal side however the flannel shirt on the other hand is a completely a casual take. It is thick, warm, and perfect for layering when the mercury goes down the horizon. This casual classic is done for woven wool or cotton and the collar is raised making it a cozy option for autumn and winters. Try it with a pair of dark denim and be the smartest dressed guy in the room

Cuban collar shirt sleeve shirt

The Cuban collar shirt gives you better swag vibe than a cigar in the hand and with the open collar you can soak up in the sun. Lose the cigar and this is still it is an essential summer staple for every man. The Cuban part of the name refers to the collar that makes it perfect for having ventilation when roaming under scorching heat. You have to be careful while styling the shirt to look like cucumber and not like a teen on a holiday. Buy Cuban collar shirt online and flaunt a perfect for hitting the beach or pub.

Denim shirt

The denim shirt often received as a fashion faux pas by people in society. But the times have changed and when worn right this timeless piece of clothing elevates the masculinity of the overall look. It can instantly pull together an outfit together and instills an instant moment of cool. Layer it with a light-colored t-shirt under and dark-colored pants for a simple and a trendy look. The look of the denim shirt will be reflected based on the quality of the shirt. Don’t be reluctant in investing in a branded shirt as a premium denim shirt will be a lifelong member of the wardrobe for a textured look.

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Linen shirt

Is there something worse than having blokes of sweat on a busy summer day and almost taste the salt? If the mercury begins to rise go for a linen shirt and ditch your oxfords. The fabric is breathable making you feel freer. If paired correctly it is perfect for both casual and formal settings.

Formal shirt

This is a must-have for every business meeting and office set up. A crisp, clean, tightly woven from smooth cotton is what characterizes a classic formal shirt. It will pose a long cut in the back and front so it can be tucked easily. Get formal men shirt online be ready anytime for a formal setup.


Selecting dresses when you will warm for a coat and cold for a heavy t-shirt is pretty tricky. This is where the overshirt comes into play. It works perfectly when paired with a button-down shirt. The beauty of this shirt is its versatility and simplicity. Go for a light t-shirt and a blocked overshirt and be instantly cool.

Bottom line

Shirts are perfect for any occasion and even if you have just one white shirt you can wear it anywhere. Buy shirts online and fill your wardrobe with some best fashion pieces.

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