Best hacking apps for hackers


Today technology increase very fast, people learn too many things which are not legal but important. Sometimes hacking helps us but sometimes it is very dangerous, so today we talk about the best hacking apps? And what is hacking and the benefits of hacking? 

In 2020 every person is smart, people know about hacking and they also know how much this is important. the main purpose of hacking is to prevent sensitive and important data from falling into enemy hands.  So, if you are a hacker and you want to know some important hacking apps then check-in below the best hacking apps.

What skills are important to become a hacker-

  • Before hacking, you need to know about computer networking this is an important part of hacking.
  • You know about computer skills
  • Linux skills
  • Programming skills
  • Basic hardware knowledge is important
  • Reverse engineering
  • Cryptography skills
  • Database skills and many more, before hacking you need to know this because this is an important part of hacking.

List of best three hacking apps-

  1. FaceNiff
  2. DroidBox
  3. zANTI

So let’s know more about these apps-


FaceNiff is the best hacking application for android for those segments of humans who want to know about the web activity on famous social media like Facebook, Instagram, twitter.

This app works with WIFI systems like WPA2-PSK which is popular. FaceNiff hacks all social media account which is popular and hack web meeting through phishing and hacking. As I told you hacking is not legal and hacking technology made for a good thing but people use this for the bad things. And frankly speaking, this app is not a legal app.

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FaceNiff is absolutely free app, they charge nothing, so you can download this totally free android hacking app.


DroidBox is a famous app for android users, this app use for both like gadget hacking application and a game hacking application but only for android users. DroidBox offers many types of of of sets of analyses to a different applications.

You can see this above image chart where the home screen shows picked application conduct and watch these spikes or different oddities.

This app hack device incoming and outgoing data and hacker easily read and write file operations. DroidBox started services and loaded classes through DexClassLoader. This app leaker all types of information through the Circumvented permissions, network, file, and SMS, most important send an SMS or phone calls to anyone.

So now you know that how much this app is amazing and useful for every hacker.


zANTI app made for the android device this app is the most popular app for android users, they work very easily and smart. This app smartly scan networks and give you a security administrator for potential system weakness. Below watch a video for more information about zANTI.

This hacking app easily hacks and copy how a cyber- attacker may phish through providing and identifying the solution to the problem by dashboard reporting. Mainly they hack all system data according to the network.

This app is used to identify MITM which means man in the middle attacks and send all the available emails to the reporter. This app comes without any cost, so don’t be worry you can smoothly enjoy this app without any doubt or tension.

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