Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee


There are a few things in the universe that are meant to cheer up your soul. For me, coffee tops the list! From being the morning companion to an evening fuel after a long day, coffee is such a mood lifter. Making its way into most of the households, coffee has a huge fan base. The caffeine perks you up and brings in that extra ounce of energy. Well, a big mug of coffee from Dutch Bros Coffee (that I won’t mind having every morning) does the same to me. Here’s a big shoutout to Dutch Bros for fashioning the coffee exactly how I love it!


Coffee, if consumed in the right amount, can prove to be amazingly beneficial for the body. Studies show that the constituents of coffee help us fight against various life-threatening diseases, including heart diseases, Alzheimer’s, liver diseases etc. Good news for all you women (and men too) is that it’s a great antioxidant. So, it slows down the ageing process and makes you look younger (along with other benefits that I shall discuss down below). Isn’t that amazing?


For all you coffee lovers, who have been associating coffee to an energy booster in their lives, I have a list of many other wonders that coffee can do to your body. I am sure reading this will upsurge your love for coffee. Also, all the “not a coffee person” people will certainly show an inclination towards this magical beverage.


Listed down below are the top health benefits of drinking coffee. Let’s learn about that in detail. Few of the benefits will surprise you. 

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  • Kills depressive thoughts

Research says that the risk of depression in people who drink coffee is 10% less than the people who don’t. Well, that certainly is an amazing contribution to mental health.


  • You could stay away from developing heart failure.

Drinking one or two cups of coffee daily can help you dodge the chances of developing a heart failure. So, the heart functions better if you are a coffee drinker.


  • Less likely to develop type 2 Diabetes or Parkinson’s disease

Caffeine process the glucose(sugars) better and helps ward off type 2 diabetes. It also lowers the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. If a person is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, coffee plays a great role in helping people control their movements.


  • You’re not as likely to Suffer a Stroke

For women, stroke is the fourth leading cause of death. Drinking at least one cup of coffee a day is allied with lowered stroke risk.


  • Your Liver will be at Peace

Research shows that the coffee drinkers have well-maintained enzyme levels (within a healthy range) than the ones who don’t drink coffee.


  • Serves to Enhance the Body’s Metabolism

Studies found that caffeine serves to enhance the body’s metabolism, which in turn helps in natural weight loss. Hence, coffee also proves to be beneficial for people who are obese.


  • Enhanced Body Performance

Some of the studies state that caffeine strengthens the body’s endurance during daily activities. In a study conducted in 2008, it was stated that the caffeine content is useful for athletes. It helps them increase the resilience of their bodies. Coffee is extremely helpful for those who work for long hours or who are into body fitness/ exercises and need that extra ounce of energy. Your body would thank you!

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  • Drinking Black Coffee helps Prevent Cavities

Researchers in Brazil found that content in black coffee is helpful to kill bacteria on the teeth. However, these profits are lost when sugar or milk are mixed into the coffee. Hence, only bitter coffee aids in preventing cavities.


These were the top benefits of drinking coffee. However, it is significant to consume coffee in the right quantities, as an excess of everything is bad. Overconsumption of caffeine can lead to a lot of health issues. Also, try to limit added sugars as much as you can! Therefore, let’s make the best possible use of this naturally occurring gift and consume it in the right quantities and at right times. It’s time to grab my cup of coffee! Where’s yours?

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