Top Cars in the UAE Everybody Wants in 2020

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2020 has come with a lot of challenges but a lot of surprises nonetheless. The streak went on as automotive giants like Honda, Alfa Romeo, Toyota, Nissan, etc.

For all the car lovers who are impatiently waiting for the top new cars launching in the Middle East; there are great options from your favorite companies that are launching some of the finest new cars. You can even get some of the best cars launched in 2020 by buying second-hand cars in Dubai

Here are some of the most sought-after options for you:

Aston Martin DBX:

The first-ever SUV by the company, the DBX is Aston Martin’s pride and joy. With a design that incorporates the latest trends in architecture and luxury, the DBX features greatness. The vehicle promises utility, elegance, opulence, and the style you’ll be demanding in the years to come.

Some say it might be the end of the David Brown or DB series of Aston Martin. However, people are still going crazy for the SUV that features the same grille as the 1949 DB2 prototype.

The SUV offers an active all-wheel drive that provides variable torque distribution. The air suspension seems to be adjustable, allowing for a more compatible height depending upon the terrain. And it’s not just the looks and the gimmicks that have everyone salivating. The car can go from 0-60 mph in just 4.5 seconds.

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Audi RS Q8:

Although it’s not the first it’s definitely the newest and the most advanced design that has hit the market yet. Moreover, it’s also the fastest SUV ever on the planet.

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The Q8 features a twin-turbo V8 4.0-liter engine that propels almost 592 HP. These features make the Q8 go from 0-60mph in just 3.7 seconds.

Audi made sure to integrate the same luxury, style, class, and excellence in terms of driving that’s associated with Audi. If you have any preferred types of SUVs, the Q8 will definitely make it to the list. Although the concept was out before, the car drove the Nurburgring Nordschleife with its top speed of 189mph.

BMW 4 Series:

You might have loved the company’s previous series but you’ll absolutely crave the new BMW 4 series. The 4 series coupe concept was unveiled at the Frankfurt show. The production is underway and the company will be launching it for the markets soon. The F32 features 1.5L B38 turbocharged l3 2.0L N20 while the F33 features a B48 turbocharged l4 3.0 L N55. The car is sure to feature BMW’s top-notch luxury and elegance with its superior architectural design. The manufacturers made sure to mention that they mean to give the car more road presence. Although the coupe series before featured a small car with a smooth and sleek design. However, the successors resemble a saloon design and the power and luxury of a sedan.

Chevrolet Corvette C8:

Chevrolet couldn’t make things more competitive in the sports car market than with the C8 unveiling. Although the people agree that they still haven’t had enough of the C7, the successor was sure to come soon.

The C8 features a design that resembles the Ferrari and Lamborghini made with the engine placed in the rear.

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The engine is a powerful 495bhp 6.2-liter V8 one that comes with 8-speed transmission. The car also supports the dual-clutch auto behind the cabin. The car can go from 0-60 mph in just 3 seconds. Although the design is new, the car is the same Corvette series that everybody fell in love with. Providing everything you can ever need from a sports car at the most affordable prices ever.

The sleek architectural design appeals to all speedsters out there waiting for the thrill. Although it’s a luxuriously neat car, it would be best if you don’t use its powerful engines in the streets. The car can go to a top speed of almost 194 mph but that doesn’t mean you should test it out. You should trust the Dubai car dealers that tell you the specs for their word. 


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