Servicing your car all by yourself


Owning a car is an expensive proposition as a lot of costs in the form of fuel, insurance and maintenance add up. As per the viewpoint of complete auto diagnostics, it is suggested that you service your car once in a year in order to ensure that the mechanics in a proper condition. So as to reduce costs you can undertake a basic service of your car without the aid of any fancy equipment. This is in complete contrast to a professional garage that is going to charge you for the cost and replacement service. In the quest of a car service, there are certain pointers you have to be aware

Oil change

Before you head into the car a suggestion is to idle around the car and leave it idle for 5 minutes. By doing so it is going to allow the oil to flow in a free manner ensuring it is quick to drain. In terms of oil change if the level is a bit high it makes the task easier. Once you change the oil it is really important that you dispense it off properly. You have to store the engine oil in a sealed container and you should not mix it with any other substance. Do not commit the mistake of pouring it in the ground or the drain.

Changing the spark plug

Manufacturers are of the opinion that a spark plug has to be changed within 30,000 miles and all the better if you check the owner manual of your car. This means that with every basic service you do there is no need to undertake a change. In order to locate the spark plug wires just, you have to follow it as it might be located on the other side of the engine. Once you pull on the boot you can remove the spark plug which is not the actual wire.

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Checking the pressure of the tyres

If you are planning to check the tyre pressure it is necessary that the tyre has to be cold. Just note down the correct pressure of the tyre as normally it is mentioned in the manual of your car. Even entering the registration number on the website of the car manufacturer would give you an idea. Even during checking tyre pressure check out the valve of every tyre with the correct rating. If you feel that the pressure is low with the help of air pressure you can inflate the tyre. Davis import auto repair services offer a variety of services on offer.

Check the condition of the tyres

If you feel that the tyres are below the designated limit or are damaged a suggestion is to replace them on an immediate basis. Though this is a job that can be done at your own level, for better wheel alignment a suggestion is to allow a professional to do the job with in-depth knowledge.

To sum it up most of the cars are going to require a service once in a year. But be aware of the checklist before you get the car serviced.

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