Check out Power of 2021 Chevy Camaro along with its Muscular Design


One of the highest selling cars of Chevrolet is the Camaro since this car was launched by this automobile company. The company’s new 2021 Camaro comes with certain changes that make it even better. Before going inside Wilkesboro Chevrolet dealership shop to book one, know about the power and design of this vehicle. 

Get an insight into the new 2021 Camaro in detail, which will let you have an idea about the interior, engine available, changes made in 2021 model, performance and more. So, without delay, take a look below!

  • Subtle changes in 2021 Camaro 

Before getting delved into details of engine power, performance, etc. it is better to check out the changes Chevrolet rolled for 2021 model. Three new things about this version is the different colors, availability of wider transmission, and a few particular new features. 

Green metallic as well as Garnet Red has been removed but for additional price one can still have Wild Cherry option. Standard features now include smartphone integration Android Auto and Apple CarPlay that means wirelessly app is available for streaming to infotainment system of vehicle. 

People looking for track-oriented performance can opt for 1LE package that is now available with automatic 10-speed transmission on SS models that are powered by V8 engines. Manual 6-speed is what was offered previously except the Zl1. 

Now that you have an idea about the subtle changes introduced, it’s time to look at engine power, interior, and pricing of models. 

  • Engine and chassis

The standard option is a four-cylinder engine that puts out 275 horsepower and its manual model is remarkably quick. However, people choosing to purchase a Camaro always go for the V6 or V8 option that generates 335 and 455 horsepower, respectively. 

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The V8 creates 455lb-ft torque along with same horsepower that makes this car a beast in muscle car category. With such tremendous acceleration, ideal torque and delivering linear power can be enhanced significantly if one chooses dual-model optional exhaust. 

The 4-cylinder engine option comes paired with manual six-speed transmission; however, automatic eight-speed is available if an owner wants it. The V6 and V8 can be paired with automatic 10-speed for unleashing true power of this beast. 

This vehicle remarkable chassis ensures providing a feel and connection between driver and car. The solid structure and ideal aerodynamics makes handling this vehicle precise and makes one feel the thrill of a pleasurable ride. Moreover, it offers a balanced ride that makes it agile on bumpy or curvy roads. To know more about muscular design and more check out Chevrolet Wilkesboro dealer. 

  • Interior and prices

When compared with earlier models, 2021 Camaro has a far more improved look. The interior is designed to look modern and superior materials are used for manufacturing it. From ample space to straightforward layout, makes the 2021 Camaro best in this muscle car segment. 

Price of this vehicle starts from $25,995 and goes all the way up to $43,495, which is the starting price of 2SS version. However, if you are really looking to buy a Camaro and feel what this beast has to offer then opting for 1SS ($38,495) is what one should buy if not the 2SS. 

Stop wasting time by waiting and book one immediately!

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