Good Things Students can do in Gurgaon


Gurugram, also referred to as Gurgaon, is situated near the Delhi-Haryana border in India and is one among the main satellite cities of the Delhi NCR region. it’s also referred to as a number one financial and technology hub. Colleges like MDI, ICFAI, Skyline graduate school , and more make it the right place for college kids to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses alike.

Managed marketplaces and best partners within the student housing sector, University Living help rescue students from the usually stressful process of finding student accommodation. Students can choose fully-furnished private or shared rooms with 24/7 security and modern amenities like Wi-Fi, functional kitchen equipped with the newest appliances, sprawling common areas, laundry services, game room, and on-site support staff on call.

Fun n Frolic

The Kingdom of Dreams is that the place where students can find themselves within the middle of live Bollywood-style performances at this theatre venue. it’s India’s first live entertainment, theatre and leisure destination. After a mention of that we will say the dominion of dreams isn’t just limited to drama but more adventures that it can behold. With such a lot to supply , this place in Gurgaon makes student life fun. Students can stay in Studentacco Gurgaon and Nestaway Gurgaon and cash in of the close proximity.

Reminisce History

Farrukhnagar Fort owes its origin to Faujdar Khan, Farrukhnagar’s first Nawab. He built it as a grand citadel in 1732. it’s an enormous octagonal structure that displays elements of the Mughal sort of architecture. Among the foremost impressive features of the fort is that the Dilli Darwaza or the Delhi Gate. This gateway, alongside the Jhajjari Darwaza and therefore the Patli Darwaza, forms the three entryways to the town. Today, much of the fort is in ruins, but it still is one among the highest historical places in Gurgaon not very far away from prominent student PG Gurgaon.

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The Hub for all

Cyber Hub possesses everything to stay you entertained throughout the day. it’s a socializing center with myriad cafes, pubs, restaurants, and game parlors. If you’re a foodie, Cyber Hub is that the right place to taste cuisines from different parts of the planet . However, the place may be a bit on the upper side, so be able to spend more.

Yet Another Historic Excellence

There’s little question that the Sheesh Mahal is one among the simplest historical places to go to in Gurgaon. This palace was built by Faujdar Khan within the early a part of the 18th century. Designed as a double-storied structure, this palace boasts of a stunning baradari or pavilion that has no but 12 entrances. Intricate mirror inlay ornamentation adorns the interiors of this palace, lending the structure its name, which suggests ‘the Palace of Mirrors’. the massive courtyard of the palace features a water channel that links it to a close-by stepwell. The palace premises also houses a memorial built for the martyrs from Farrukhnagar who had taken part within the 1857 uprising for independence.

Best Transportation

Residents of the scholar accommodation in Gurgaon can avail the city’s excellent transportation services. aside from the Delhi Metro, Gurgaon has Rapid Metro with eleven stations and an interchange with the Yellow Line of Delhi Metro at Sikandarpur metro station. Though mostly known for its high-rises and office buildings, the array of pubs and restaurants in Sector 29 may be a must-visit. It’s an ideal place to relax and enjoys networking after classes.

Gurgaon Student Accommodation

Gurugram offers a spread of accommodation options counting on the student’s budget and desired location. There are purpose-built student accommodations (PBSA) located within easy walking distance of the city’s top universities that drastically cuts down on the daily commute of the scholar . The rent is inclusive of the utility bills and therefore the onsite amenities offered like gym, laundry, doctor on call, and other multifarious options available for straightforward stay in student hostel in Gurgaon to spend a less hassled student life within the city. There are student accommodations namely- Studentacco Gurgaon and another one in Nestaway Gurgaon. These aforementioned features of the satellite city Gurgaon or Gurugram makes living within the region a breeze for college kids, making the foremost of their academic life in Noida and living in affordable student PG Gurgaon referred to as PBSAs in common.

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