Tips to score better in GRE quant


Examinations like GRE requires a candidate to score in all subjects, including quantitative section, reasoning ability and analytical writing score. If you already know the answers to the questions, then it becomes easy for you in the examination to write them. You may have heard this sentence many times, but math is a subject that, despite knowing it, remains a hard nut to crack. For maths section, it can become easy for you or anyone just by practicing.

If you are someone who struggles in quantitative aptitude, you must make a question bank. The concept that you will learn from a particular chapter is going to be the basis on which you are going to solve all the questions. Apart from this, there are the following things you can do to improve your marks in the GRE quantitative section:

  • These exams are speed based exams if you have good calculation speed, you can complete your paper on time.
  • You must learn tables as it will help you do calculations fastly and this will buy you extra minutes.
  • For better understanding, you must finish all the previous year papers understand the level of questions from quantitative section.
  • If you find it tiring to practice alone, then you must seek help from your friends and peers.

All these points will help you to confront the weakest part of quant preparation. With enough practice and abiding the rules, you can surely improve your chances of qualifying GRE examination. The syllabus of GRE quant questions includes topics such as percentage, ratio, rate, number line, the sequence of numbers, algebra, inequalities, coordinate geometry and many chapters from advanced mathematics.

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The syllabus is designed in a way to select the genius that is the suitable candidate to be able to study business management in standard colleges in the world. Topics such as statistics, probability are also asked in this examination. The best way to prepare is to finish the syllabus on time and to practice more and more online and offline mock test to deal with the exam hall pressure. To be exam hall ready do the following things:

  • We ignore the importance of basics as we feel that we have read all these topics in our school days so we will carry it easily. Revise all your basics before you start your preparation. Especially for chapters that do not have application trigonometry, coordinate geometry.
  • These are objective types which means that they do not care about how you get to the answer? They are only concerned about the fact that you get to the right answer. Therefore, you should look for simple shortcuts and tricks that you can apply in your paper to get to the results earlier.
  • All the practicing in the past months you will know topics that are a strength for you. So, you don’t do not miss out on them.
  • Read the question given in the paper twice to get the idea as many times logic do the job!

All the points will help you score better in GRE quant section.

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