How to Build Email Marketing Lists

Email Marketing Lists

Building email marketing lists seems daunting at first, especially in the early stages of a business or entrepreneurial opportunity. You want a base of loyal customers and subscribers, but you do not know where to begin. Here are some tried and true methods to get your email marketing lists off the ground and customers pouring in.

Build Your Online Brand

When looking to expand your email marketing list, it is always important to build your personal and business brand ahead of time. There are many great ways to start building a brand, and each way is a new opportunity to find new subscribers and potential customers.

If you like to talk about your product or your brand’s mission, try guest-starring on podcasts in your industry. Having the opportunity to discuss your mission with like-minded people in your field is a great way to not only build an audience but also has the benefit of networking with other established names and brands in your area of expertise. Podcasts have been exploding in popularity over the past few years, and they offer an excellent vehicle to build your list of subscribers.

Writing for blogs and online publications is also a great way to start building your online presence and brand. Find blogs that are related to your desired field and reach out to the administrators about what you are looking to discuss in your writing. If you are persistent, and frequently write quality articles or publications, you can rapidly build a reputation for your brand that customers want to follow and subscribe to.

Add CTAs and URLs at the end of YouTube videos.

When you publish a video on YouTube related to your brand or product, add URLs and CTAs (calls to action) in the descriptions and reference them in the video. If you make engaging content that inspires your potential subscribers to learn more about what you are offering, a call to action encourages them to take the next step.

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For example, if you are marketing a sales course in how to build a drop-shipping business you could leave a CTA in your description that says something like:

“Take the next step towards building the business you always dreamed of and the life you’ve always wanted to live. Sign up for more info about my course here:”

Offer your customers value that you can provide and the opportunity for the next step. Potential subscribers that are motivated and determined will respond to this method most favorably and will enthusiastically sign up for more.

Offer Incentives to Your Subscribers

Consider offering potential subscribers a free product, informational material, or training video in exchange for subscribing to your marketing list. This could include an eBook about your preferred topic, an informational checklist, a tutorial on how to build a skill or more.

Think of this as an opportunity to showcase what your brand can showcase and provide to your customers as well. If your first product is well made and tailored to your potential

By giving your recipient a gift out of the gate, you can build trust and rapport in your brand and pave the way for growth in the future. Everyone appreciates a free giveaway from time to time. Give your subscribers the incentive to come back.

Display a sign-up box on a checkout page.

If you have an online shop or retail page, include a sign-up box where your customers check out and purchase your products. This ensures that your email marketing list is directly targeted to recipients that are interested in what your brand has to offer.

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By using this method, you not only build your email marketing list but also increase the likelihood of repeat sales. This is an excellent choice to retain old customers and keep them on board as your brand grows.

Buying Email Marketing Lists

If these methods do not appeal to you, buying email marketing lists is also an option. Email lists tailored to your desired demographic and customer information can be purchased from a variety of online retailers. However, please be aware of the laws in your respective region or country.

In Europe, the General Data Protection Regulation directly specifies that email recipients must explicitly consent and ‘opt-in’ to receive emails. By buying an email list, a marketer is in direct violation of GDPR law.

In the US, the CAN-SPAM Act prohibits marketers from sending bulk unsolicited emails. If purchasing an email marketing list from an online retailer, use due diligence to ensure that they have taken the proper steps to ensure consent from the recipients.

Although there are legal challenges to buying email marketing lists, they can be a great shortcut to building a roster of subscribers fast and easily. If you are looking to build a brand and marketing list quickly and with little effort, this could be a great option for fast growth and sales potential.


Email marketing lists are a crucial part of any online business or brand. There are many ways to build a list of subscribers, and each one provides its challenges and benefits. While we covered many methods in this article, they are by no means exhaustive. Building an email marketing strategy will be different for each online brand, and it is important to consider your goals and strategies before moving forward.

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