How to prepare for the IAS interview?

    How to prepare for the IAS interview

    Everyone knows that IAS is the most stringent examination in India. Every step of this examination is tough for every participant. So it would be best if you prepared yourself for every step early. IAS has three phases – Preliminary study, Main Examination, and Interview session. In the last step, the Interview session is the most challenging step of this exam. It takes a maximum of 30 minutes approximately. If you score high in the Interview session, then you can change your final IAS rank hugely. 

    How to prepare for the IAS interview?

    In this blog, we will give you a brief idea of how to prepare yourself for the IAS interview.

    • Try to start early.

    It would be best if you began the preparation of the interview round early. Maybe you will wait for the result of the main examination. But actually, you will waste your time. So let’s start your preparation and development of your personality as well.

    • Know about yourself.

    Knowing yourself is one of the essential things to crack the interview. All students mention a section “About Myself” in their CV. But whenever they asked to say about themselves, they can’t able to say that correctly. So try to examine the right sides and wrong sides of your own. And if you think that you don’t have that personality to be an IAS officer, then try to point out that particular weakness and overcome it.

    • Build your communication skills

    Many students get a good score in the main exam. But they can’t achieve the interview round. The most common reason is that they are weak in communication skills. You are so building your interaction skill properly. Communication is the only medium to say your ideas and thoughts. If you cant use the perfect words for saying your dreams, then maybe the right amount of your score will deduct in the interview session. Talk in front of the mirror, watch television, and read books to build your communication skill.

    • Know all about current affairs
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    You should know about the current affairs even after finishing the main exams. So you will have to read the newspaper daily. This is the only method to know about current incidents. For the interview round, you should have the basic idea of any current events. So if anyone asks anything related to that, you will able to answer that. Vajirao Institute always strongly focuses on teaching current affairs.

    • Read your CV well

    Many participants write their CVs cleanly and enjoyably. But whenever students get a question from their CVs, they can’t able to answer that correctly. So read your CV as many times as you can and try to cram it. Keep yourself ready for all the answers related to your education, hobbies, previous work experience, etc.

    • Read your graduation textbooks.

    IAS participants should read their graduation textbooks very well and conscientiously. In the interview session, maybe they will get many in-depth questions from these books. So you will have to clear all doubts if you have any.

    In most cases, the IAS interview is a friendly activity. So don’t be nervous. Be positive and present yourself confidently via app will search videos.

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