Tips to recover damaged hair when you have already tried EVERYTHING


Discover the best secrets to take care of damaged hair and bring it back to life.

When this time of year arrives, when the holidays have wreaked havoc on my clients’ manes, I often hear that they need to clean their hair but, of course, “without cutting”.

They also do not have time to come to the classroom since the work and the return to school of the children prevents them from taking time for them. It is time to find effective solutions.


When the hair loses its natural protein, the cuticle breaks, and consequently, the hair looks brittle and weakened. Hair treatments have come a long way, to the point of being able to repair almost all types of hair. In one session you can get a burnt hair to stop breaking, an advance that until recently was an impossible mission.

At the moment, these treatments can only be found in salons specialized in hair care, since a specialist is needed to do it correctly. The good news is, unless it’s 100% burned and nothing can save it anymore, everything has a solution.


Sometimes the simplest gestures will be those that bring your hair back to life:

Always choose a repairing line: they are perfect for cleaning the hair and returning it to its most optimal state.
Bet on natural products: avoid brands that contain many silicones, as they will give you a false feeling of healthy hair. The most natural products do not usually contain sulfates or parabens and are more easily introduced inside the hair.

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A burned hair is very hard and rough to the touch, this occurs because it has lost the natural protein that is inside, becoming extremely dry and dehydrated, the very split ends split as soon as you touch them.

We will start with a specific intensive night treatment that we will apply to all the hair and that will help to repair the hair at night.
In the morning before washing, comb it with a brush that does not break your hair.
Then wash it off with a protein and amino acid cleansing conditioning treatment that has an almost miraculous ability to repair burned hair.


The secret to healthy hair is to restore the elasticity, strength, and hydration it has lost. For it:

Don’t wash your hair often. You should know that one of the things that is not recommended when you have damaged hair is to wash it very often due to its fragility. When you do, use detergent-free shampoos/conditioners since they don’t foam, they can be used almost daily without a problem.

Don’t untangle your hair with a comb. Don’t even think about using the comb to untangle your hair or it will split. Use your fingers, as they are the best comb and the least aggressive when the hair is so damaged.

Don’t forget to nourish your hair with special treatments. After washing, use a repairing cream or serum from the same range once the hair has cooled.

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Do not use rubber bands to collect hair. At least until you notice that the hair no longer breaks.

Don’t use thermal tools for a while. To have healthy hair again, you must put aside the thermal tools: dry the hair with an ion drier and at a medium / low temperature.

After a few days. I find a 2 good product for healthy hair if you want to go to an official website like. Folexin and Hair Revital X. Hair revital x available worldwide, no extra charges.

Hair Revital X Official Website

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