What is Skin Sell and Skin Mole or Tag, effected for Skin cancer?


Melanoma is a type of skin cancer, it is cancer that acts very quickly, that is why people must also act quickly before it, and for this, it is best to be pending and if you have doubts or are concerned about some spot and/or mole on your skin do not hesitate:

Fly to your doctor, hold onto the train of life. Prevention and early diagnosis are life insurance against melanoma.

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Now, now, but why do I have to go to the doctor?

First of all, what must be done to prevent melanoma or detect it early must:

  • Check your skin once a month.
  • Check your family’s skin once a month.

Check your skin and that of your family and note the spots: Melanoma 2

  • If you get stung,
  • They bleed,
  • They are different from the rest
  • See if the symmetry of the stain (s) has changed.
  • They are greater than 5 mm.

We can say that the ABCDE of melanoma is:

  1. (A) The symmetry,
  2. (B) the edges,
  3. (C) the color,
  4. (D) the diameter
  5. (E) the evolution,

All referring to moles and/or skin spots.

What to do when diagnosed with melanoma?

Yes, you have been diagnosed with melanoma. There are a series of questions that you should ask your doctor, such as:

  • Ask about tests to do before deciding on treatment.
  • What types of treatments exist for melanoma.
  • What follow-up should follow after the treatment received?
  • What are the chances of cancer recurrence?
  • The possibility of having after-effects
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Ah! and do not forget such interesting questions as to how much, how far do I want to know about my illness? With whom or who can I share it? How should communication with the doctor be?

The last, the last.

If you have any questions, you can make an appointment with your family doctor right now, here on the Euromelanoma website

Your concern interests us, if you want you can leave us a comment.


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