Some Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Blogging


As we, all more or less aware of the blogging profession today, but twenty years ago we do not know about anything of it. At present, it becomes one of the best ways to make money. Even with the help of blogging, we get to know various people that remain in different places in the world and their interests. There are so many benefits, one will get after doing blogging but as we, all know that a good thing also comes with few bad sides also. 

However, the craze for blog writing is immensely noticeable among the young generation. Many of the young boys and girls like this profession and build their career on it. With hard work and dedication, they reached a reputation position and make money. If you want to build your career on blogging or blog writings then you can also work for a company where you will able to gain a lot of experience about blogging and guest post service

After doing this job, there you will find other job opportunities also. There are many parts of this blogging and if you learn, them all, then you can obtain a good job as well.

Few Advantages And Disadvantages Of Blogging

Now I am going to discuss with all of you about the advantages and disadvantages of blogging. Let us have a quick look at this topic without wasting our time.


There one will find so many advantages of blogging. Here are some of them for you.

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1. Be A Better Writer:

A writer always tries to write better than the previously written work. They want to provide information that is more important to their audiences. Moreover, they want to give all those informative things, which will benefit them. In this search, bloggers try to put some valuable information on their content and make it unique and interesting. The more you will deeply involve yourself in this blogging profession the more you will become a better writer with good command over writing skills and technique also. 

2. Earn Money:

From blogging, you can earn a lot of money also. Today many girls and boys take this blogging as a career option and they do part-time and full-time jobs. One can also start working as a freelancer where there is no time restriction of writing your content. The whole thing is to depend on you when you want to create a blog. At the same time, the more you will create good content and whenever people will share the writing, Google will definitely notice the piece of your writing. One can also optimize the writing with SEO and take the help of a web design company to design a logo for the company.

3. A Good Hobby:

One can start blogging as a hobby also by with the time the hobby ill convert into the profession, whenever one will get to know all the possible ways of incoming through it. If you begin your career with a company then they can ask you to write on blogs for sale advertisements and many other topics.

4. Build Business Of Your Own:

One can also begin his or her own business with the help of blogging also. It will offer you much more money when you set up your own company and run it. To start this blogging, one just needs to have money, some hardworking employees, and dedication towards your work.  

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5. Get Instance Feedbacks:

The more you will able to connect with your readers the more they will provide their feedbacks to your blogs. They will encourage you; boost your energy through their positive feedbacks. Even sometimes, the readers will criticize you so that you can create more unique content for the readers. On the other hand, though the established blogs for sale advertisements, one will get buyers for the site also.

6. Share Your Views:

The more one will share his or her point of view with the content the more the audience will get to know the depth of your knowledge. In blog writing, it is important to satisfy a reader’s mind with your piece of writing and seed the interest in the reader’s mind to reading the whole blog.

7. Be An Influential:

Through blog writing, one can become a great influencer also where they will give their own views on a particular topic or subject.

8. Help Others:

The most important part of blog writing is to help others to know about a particular thing and provide detailed information to them. 


Here are some of the disadvantages of blogging.

1. No Fixed Income:

Blog writing will not give you any fixed income. It can offer you a lot of money in one day and on the day nothing. However, once you know all the techniques and skill of writing and ability to create good content and you can make quite satisfying money from blogging.

2. Begin To Feel Alone:

The more you will involve in this profession the more you will be alone. Creating a blog requires a lot of time, therefore one will have to put much time behind blog writing and eventually sometimes one may feel alone because most of the time he or she spend time with their own self.

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