How to choose the best auto dialer call center software for small business?


An autodialer dialer software is a specialized type of outbound dialer tool that aids to dial out a set of contacts numbers automatically. The software can equally distribute the calls among the agents based on the defined criteria. 

Before selecting the best auto dialer software for a small business, identify the main objectives of the purchase. Also, based on your requirements you can select for progressive dialer, predictive dialer, or preview dialer. Here’s the brief about the dialers. 

Progressive dialer -it dials a number only when an agent is available to answer a call. Once a call is connected, it does not dial other calls until the agent has disconnected the call. 

Predictive dialer – it automatically dials a phone number and routes the connected calls to the next available agents. This dialer uses a specified algorithm to reduce the call drop rate. It is the preferred choice for the outbound call centers. 

Preview dialer – this allows an agent to preview the customer’s details before making the call. This assures that an agent is well prepared to connect with potential customers. 

Now, let’s explore the things to look for while selecting the best auto dialer software for small businesses. 

Check for ease of use

This is the basic step to evaluate while making a selection of software. The dialer you are selecting must be easy to use and complete the intended task quickly and efficiently. It should not have any complexities while connecting with clients. Also, it should be intuitive enough so that agents do not have to brainstorm all the time to perform their job. 

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VoIP integration 

a dialer software that has capabilities to integrate with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system is a plus. VoIP desk phone integration with dialer software allows us to connect with customers across the globe. Besides, it enhances the outreach drastically by improving agents’ productivity and efficiency. 

CRM Integration

CRM is the best tool to optimize customer data and use it when needed. A dialer software that offers seamless integration with CRM, that should be your first choice. The auto-dialer should be able to provide quick and simple access to the customers’ data through a single interface.

Look for Features and functionality

The dialer software you are selecting must cater to the features and functionality of your business demands. The auto-dialer call center software should have basic features such as skill-based mapping, multi-level IVR, real-time analytics & report, dashboard, call transfer, voicemail, conference calls, and many more. Besides, some of the contact center software offers omnichannel support. But, do you really need the value-added features?

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Select the company that offers prompt support

Technical issues can occur at any time. So, when selecting a company that offers an autodialer software solution should offer prompt, 24×7 tech support. It must be offering a live demo of the software with a detailed user manual. This will help to explain all the details to agents for the easy operation. 

Apart from the above-mentioned things, you should look for the other details of the auto-dialer call center software such as; 

  • Call connection capabilities
  • Lead management facilities
  • Customization option
  • Time zone-based calling 
  • Dialing ratio
  • Smart auto call back feature
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To sum up, consider asking the below question to narrow down the best choice of the auto-dialer software for small businesses. 

  • Is the call center software scalable?
  • Does it offer omnichannel support?
  • Does it have a simple integration process?
  • Is the upgrade process manageable?
  • Does the company provide quick support?

Whether you choose the auto-dialer call center software to improve customer experience or increase productivity, there is a need to select the best options. The dialer software comes with a wide array of features and functionality along with a customization option. Once you identify the main objectives, search for the best options available in the market. Ask them for a complete knowledge of the product and/or a demon of the software. This will help in choosing the ultimate solution. As the small business operates in a specific niche, you should end up selecting the auto dialer software that best suits the business requirements. 

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