How to Protect Businesses amidst Dallas Protests


The nation is currently entangled in a series of massive protests. Looters and rioters are often seen causing damage to the businesses. The last six months have an unusual number of acts of civil disobedience. Similarly, the causes of Dallas riots have been varied but the actions have disturbed all local businesses.

As a business owner, you need to consider the potential impact of these protests. How can you protect your businesses from Dallas protests? What are the preventative measures to neutralize civil disobedience? And finally, which security patrol services in Dallas meet my security requirements?

Only last week, three women were arrested during protests. As they believe their constitutional rights under the anti-rioting law have been violated, they filed a suit against the local authorities. Racism and police violence both have damaged the peaceful environment of the city of Dallas.

A protest is a collective cry for help, but when that cry goes unheard, then it becomes a riot.” 

When people are deprived of their legal right to peaceful protest, they become violent. This violent tendency leads to vandalism. Ultimately, who becomes the target of destruction? The local businesses. Yes, those peaceful business owners who have nothing to do with the protests in the first place. 

A black Dallas business owner, Wes William, who runs his own restaurant became a target of the recent vandalism. The windows of his restaurant were shattered by unknown protestors. Although the business will keep running, a dent in his pocket will remain in his mind for a long time. What he said might be termed as the core of the Dallas riots. He said, “A protest is a collective cry for help, but when that cry goes unheard, then it becomes a riot.”

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Unfortunately, not all businesses can afford to go back to business after incurring damage to property. It’s better to be safe than sorry. In this article, some preventative measures are discussed on how to keep your business safe during the Dallas protests.

1. Stay Up To Date

Most importantly, stay vigilant. Keep yourself updated about the surrounding events and news. Read the local news to stay up-to-date on the important details. Also, social media can help you with that. In a nutshell, keep yourself well informed about the upcoming protests, events, time, and location. 

2. Stay in Touch with Local Authorities

Consult with the Dallas police department on how to protect local businesses from the protests. Pay a call to your local police department and authorities. Explain your concerns to them. Moreover, ask them for assistance to avoid property damage and violence. 

3. Change the Business Hours

Your top priority is to keep your business running. However, close your business if a protest is nearby. It will make your business out of range from any vandalization and stealing. If the protest goes out of control, the police will eventually ask you to close your place of work. It’s better to do it on your own.

4. Keep your Insurance Up To Date

Insurance will help you pay the property damage in case your business becomes a target during protests. Make sure to review your insurance plan. You should have a clear understanding of what damage your insurance covers and whatnot.

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5. Hire private security

Hiring 24/7 security patrol services in Dallas can save you from thefts and vandalism. An armed security guard also acts as a deterrent to prevent crime. It may seem expensive but it saves you reconstruction cost as well as the time lost while you make up for the damage.

6. Property Protection Measures

Precautionary safety measures also play a major role. Therefore, install cameras and video surveillance in your workplaces. Also, protect the money in a fireproof safe. As technological security solutions decrease mishaps, you can consider using them. Alarm systems and secure locks deter protestors. To prevent property damage, you can install boards across the first of your business in advance.

What Business Owners Must Do? 

Dallas protests are just one episode in the larger insecure world. Protests will happen all the time. Some of them may become erratic and turn violent. So, there is no harm in preparing to tackle any acts of vandalism. Your focus should be on three things: property security, insurance, and security service. In short, the prime concern should be the safety of yourself and your employees. 

Hire security patrol services in Dallas that listens to your security concerns. Agile Security and Patrol Services is a leading security company in Dallas Forth Worth Area. You have unique security needs and a unique set of resources. We are here to help you devise the perfect security plan for you. Feel free to contact us for a consultation!

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