Effective Ways to Keep Your Office Clean and Free from Pests


Just like residential living spaces, cleaning offices, and making them pest-free holds great importance. Not paying any heed to this aspect will result in losses for your business in more ways than you can imagine.

An uncleaned office impacts the morale of employees. Therefore, they are unable to work to the best of their abilities. Similarly, the frequent sighting of pests such as rats, mice, etc., can lead to the outbreak of certain diseases. Since these pests carry germs and bacteria with them, they can make your employees sick, leading to reduced productivity and more sick leaves.

Another way pests can result in losses for your business is by damaging the property. From important documents to wooden items, pests can damage anything. The only way to prevent this from happening is to adopt effective methods for pest control in Surrey.

This post sheds light on some effective ways you can keep your office clean and protected against pests. Take a look at them:

Seal Pests Entry Points

This advice is to be followed if your office is located in an area that has a high risk of pest infestation. What you have to do here is to identify entry points that can be used by pests to enter a premise and seal them.

Different pests use different ways to enter a commercial/residential space. Therefore, you need to have some information in this regard. Once you have sealed these points, half the risk will be mitigated.

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Regular Cleaning and Sanitization

Make sure you are getting your office space cleaned regularly. As stated above, an uncleaned office can make your employees sick and impact their productivity. So, it is important to hire a commercial cleaning corp responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the entire office space regularly. Ensure that they clean frequently used areas and surfaces such as washroom, kitchen, workstations etc. multiple times a day. Also, trash cans shouldn’t be filled with trash all day long. It should be emptied frequently. Equipment used by employees such as PCs or other machines should be cleaned on a daily basis as well.

Bear in mind that pests are attracted to places that are dirty. So, if you are not paying attention to the cleanliness of your office space, expect these tiny creatures to make their abode in your office space.

In today’s times and age, when the risk of COVID-19 is high, it becomes even more important to clean and sanitize a workplace.

Scheduled Deep Cleaning Services

For the uninitiated, there’s a difference between regular and deep cleaning services. The latter clean each and every part of the office thoroughly. From carpets, rugs, curtains to areas that aren’t frequently used such as basements, storage spaces etc. are also cleaned. It is usually these places where pests reside.

So, it is safe to say that deep cleaning can help a great deal in minimizing the risk of pest infestation. However, the results greatly depend on the company you have selected. Hire a professional company if you want every nook and cranny of your office premise spotlessly clean.

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Hire Pest Extermination Experts

This advice is to be followed if you or your employees have frequently sighted pests in and around the office space. Delays in taking action can lead to aggravated problems. Most of these pests have the ability to reproduce in a quick-paced way. So, they will be doubled in no time, leaving you with a big problem to face.

So, as soon as you have noted the symptoms of pest infestation, call pest extermination experts. The better option would be to contact specialized services. For example, if your office is infested by mice, you need to hire a pest control and extermination company that specialize in tackling mice infestation issues.

Final Thoughts

All in all, keeping an office space clean, sanitized has abundant benefits. Particularly, if it involves public dealing, it becomes even more important to take care of the cleanliness of your office. It wouldn’t paint a very pretty picture if you have a client visiting your office and they see a mouse running in the kitchen. This wouldn’t reflect very well on your business and its services. It can adversely impact its reputation as well. So, if you haven’t been taking care of keeping your office clean and pest-free, it’s never too late. Hire pest control services now and ensure you won’t have to face any such issue. 

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