How Much Does Bridal Makeup Cost?


Bridal makeup is an integral part of a wedding as it provides the bride with a unique and striking look and complements her attire. Professional bridal makeup packages are customized, and hence, increase the bridal makeup cost significantly. 

Some of the factors that contribute to high bridal makeup prices and the different types of wedding makeups are discussed below. Going through this information will help one assess the costs likely to be incurred in a professional bridal makeup package.

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Common reasons why bridal makeup is expensive

Independent bridal makeup artists and salons charge differently based on the makeup package that is selected. Before discussing the different makeup packages, take a look at the other factors that are responsible for an extravagant bridal makeup cost.


  • Number of people


Bridal makeup packages are inclusive of hairstyling, custom makeup and outfit draping as well. Brides often like to include their friends and family members in special bridal packages. This makes the overall professional makeup services more expensive as the number of individuals increases.


  • Booking for an entire day


Most brides prefer to book professional makeup artists for the whole wedding day for last-minute touch-ups. Some prefer a bridal makeup service for the entire wedding ceremony so that the artist can create a different look for the reception. 

Although a professional service extending multiple days makes the bride feel confident throughout, the bridal makeup cost increases significantly. 


  • Travel fees for a destination wedding


One may have to pay additional travel fees to the professional makeup artist. The costs will further increase if the makeup artist brings along his/her team; more so in case the wedding destination is remote or in a different city or even a country altogether.

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  • Custom additions


Incorporating additional services in the bridal makeup package like false lashes and massive hair extensions will further increase the costs. 

One of the essential ways to save money when planning a wedding is to research well before selecting the right bridal makeup artist and making the destination wedding cost budget.

destination wedding cost

Apart from the factors mentioned above, bridal makeup packages can also influence the cost. Some of these packages are elucidated below:

  • Airbrush makeup – This bridal package uses premium quality liquid makeup products. The technique is unique and applies makeup on skin using special airbrushing tools.
  • HD makeup – Bridal HD makeup packages use expensive products that can tactfully hide blemishes, scars, pores and other marks. 
  • Bridal mineral makeup – This makeup package is suitable for those who have sensitive skin and are prone to breakouts. The use of organic products in this package will automatically increase the bridal makeup cost

These are some of the top bridal makeup packages in India that can be further customised based on the bride requirements, thereby adding to the costs. 

Although bridal makeup is expensive, it adds indispensable value to the wedding day and should not be compromised. Those opting for a loan against property for wedding can use the funds to hire such professional services. Not only makeup, but individuals looking for the best bridal jewellery with price can also utilise this loan.   

It is advisable to apply for a loan against property from housing finance companies as these lenders make repayment comfortable.

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Individuals should not compromise with bridal makeup as it plays a big part in making the wedding memorable. If costs are the concern, availing financing can help address such issues comfortably. Individuals need to know a few things before taking a loan for wedding, like the documents required and eligibility criteria.  

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