Gemstones that are beneficial


A lot of people rely on astrology these days and believe that if they wear gemstones it can bring a lot of benefits in their lives.

One can buy them from kudwal gems but one has to be aware of the different varieties of gemstones that are available. One always needs to consult an experienced astrologer before they wear any of them.

Ruby or Manikya

This is the most costly gemstone which represents the Sun and it can emit red cosmic eyes. By wearing this one can work more on their self esteem and it is beneficial for those who are suffering from eye problems. This gemstone is said to rule over health issues like headaches, fevers, indigestions and colic pains. If one wears this stone then they can stay healthy and it is beneficial for the ones who are in professions like artists, architects, engineers, high court judges and legal experts.

Pearl or Moti

This is a wide shining gemstone which is mainly available in the Gulf countries and Mediterranean region. This is a pure quality gem and it is highly beneficial for the wearer. It can reduce stomach ailments, hyper tension tendencies and marital discards. If a lady wears pearl on the neck then it can also preserve their chastity. This gemstone can influence over heart and mind in a considerable manner and one can have a lot of self confidence by wearing it. It can also enhance one’s mental faculties.

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Coral or Moonga

It is a precious gemstone with bright red color and it also comes in lighter shades as well. This is an opaque gemstone which can be effective on the wearer and it can absorb some red radiation from the visible light spectrum. By wearing this gemstone, several diseases can be warded off like chicken pox, tropical fevers, fistula, jaundice, impotency and other ailments that are related to blood. One can get rid of issues like anemia, weakness, body pain and allergies by wearing this stone. Other than that this stone helps one to come out of issues like bronchitis and pneumonia.

Emerald or Panna

This one is green in color and it is worn for one’s whose planet of Mercury is a bit weak. One who wears this can have a control over their intestinal portions and keep them healthy. It also keeps the lungs, tissues and vocal cords of the wearer healthy. This stone is mainly recommended to be worn by one who are in professions like printers, writers, publishers and dealers of scientific instruments. It can also help one who are suffering from issues like stammering, harshness in voice and weak IQ.

Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj

This is an expensive stone and one can get a lot of focus in life and a major boost in their confidence after wearing them. it brings out the truthfulness in the wearer and is good for married women.

One can buy these from Kudwal gemstones or from Khanna gems because they sell authentic ones with proper certification.

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