Top Tips for First Time Private Jet Travelers


In today’s time and age, many travelers are considering private jet for sale in Dubai for business and leisure so as to commute in freedom. The reason is that these planes not only home to amazing in-flight services, but they can also land in small airstrips. Also, some of them come with ultra-luxury features to make your journey a piece of cake – you can either enjoy dining with silverware or just relax on a couch, just as anything you would expect from a topnotch serviced apartment in the city of gold.

There is no secret that flying with major airlines can be annoying and inefficient. Therefore, many private jet companies in Dubai offer world-class services while giving an entirely different experience when compared to a traditional public flight. Resultantly, many considered private jets as a great alternative for corporate travel. People will get privacy while reaching their destination in coziness and style.

In this post, we have penned down some tips for first-time private jet customers. Read this before you decide to take a plunge:

Know Your Options

The term “membership” gets used a lot when mentioning private aviation companies and the products and services they offer. There are some main aspects to consider when deciding whether a single charter or a membership is the perfect choice for you. Look them at a glance:

  • One-Off Charter: You can go for booking flights one-by-one. As the price for each trip is evaluated individually, it is referred to as dynamic pricing. Typically, one-off charter flights do not assure you to give service recovery and you won’t be guaranteed aircraft accessibility when you need it.
  • On-Demand Membership: They usually allow the customers to choose to charter any aircraft in a fleet at any time, but they come with transparent and fixed costs.
  • Fractional Membership: Individuals are obliged to purchase equity for the aircraft they are planning to fly on. They will then have to pay extra operating charges for every flight. Fractional contracts usually last for three to five years.
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While you do not need to go through the security check, the staff will check your identification. It goes without saying that there are no lines for safety or liquid restrictions, but you need to have an ID on board. Domestic customers can show their driving license as an ID, whereas international customers can give their passports.


The private jet charter allows the customers to take their cars near to the plane so that they easily load and unload their luggage. That being said, always remember to park your car opposite the plane, the wheels must be facing away and don’t forget to engage handbrakes.


You need to limit your luggage to small pieces because private jets have smaller luggage compartment doors. Usually, softcover bags are easier to carry as they can conveniently be maneuvered into the storage space. Also, note the fact that the fuel requirement will be higher with heavier luggage, so be aware of the luggage limitations.


Take the seat that has been allocated to you. Although you are on a private plane, there may be others who have reserved the same flight before you. Usually, that person gets the choice of choosing his seat first. Let him do so and then take your own seat.


You need to be on time, even though you are not flying commercially. It is true that private jet charters give you the flexibility of time. But this will not sound interesting if you are traveling in a group and others are waiting for you so that jet can take off. However, if you are flying alone, even then you should inform the service provider. You need to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to departure. In this way, you can ensure that the luggage is loaded.

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In all, although, flying privately is a calmer experience than flying commercially but there are some ethics and etiquettes that you know before you plan to take your trip.

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