Earn Passive Income with these 5 Activities


Aside from doing a day job, you may want to explore other income opportunities to provide more for their families or achieve other personal goals. However, nine to five work might not allow you to have a side job. Instead, what you should be looking for is money-making activity that earns passive income without putting in daily effort.

Look no further because we listed the best passive income opportunities that you can explore without having to file a resignation.

High Yield Savings Account

A high-yield savings account is a form of deposit that generally provides more than 20 times higher interest than the usual average for a regular account. Customarily, individuals kept their savings fund at the same banking company where they kept their deposits, allowing transactions such as fund transfers to be simple and convenient between the two accounts.

But with the emergence of internet-based banking systems, as well as physical banks that increased their online services, the rivalry for deposit incentives has plummeted, establishing a different type of high-yield savings accounts. The way to make a substantial rise in income is that a person has to maintain a savings fund in one entity and a check account in another banking system.


Forex Trading

Due to its strong profitability, fluid schedule and wide availability, forex trading has become a prominent profession, particularly for individuals with financial experience. In forex trading, anyone can be their own boss at the comforts of their own home. With a tradable amount of money and some strategic skills, an individual can earn high profit without having to worry about brokerage charges.

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There are different trading platforms that allow investors to duplicate the actions of professional traders so they can invest their capital with ease, even without knowing all the technicalities involved. The forex market has the highest volume of industry players compared to any other capital system. This offers the greatest degree of liquidity, which ensures that even massive transactions of currency dealing can be satisfied effectively with no major price movements.


Crowdfunded Real Estate


Crowdfunding is a means of generating capital for companies and a simpler way for stakeholders to enter those businesses.  It uses the power of the internet such as crowdfunding sites and social media to attract prospective investors. The concept of crowdfunding is that several individuals are able to spend a minimal quantity of money but huge amounts of returns can be collected very easily.

Crowdfunding allows businesses to access resources that they do not have the capacity to obtain. This  provides investors the opportunity to become stockholders in a corporation or in property investment. If one participates in these crowdfunded assets, he will be able to distribute his funds around a variety of non-correlated real estate endeavors so that single assets do not create major problems.

Certificate of Deposit

A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a program provided by banking institutions and credit organizations that offers a premium interest rate if the person promises to deposit a sum of money that will not be withdrawn for a fixed time frame.

Research is key to discovering the right CD prices, since various financial institutions provide a shockingly broad variety of services. A physical bank may pay a small amount for long-term CDs while an online banking company or credit institution may pay more than three times the state rate.

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Real Estate Investment

One way homeowners earn profits is by accumulating the lease. The amount of rent a landlord can receive relies on which part of the city the property is situated. Demanding a high rental rate might drive clients away and charging less might compromise earnings. The other main form homeowners earn profit is through property appreciation. If the property is value-added, a person will be able to offer it at a certain price after a period of time or loan from the equity to fund the next purchase.

You may also buy a house and then renovate it to become a duplex so you can lease it for two families. This way, you can double your money which will later on recoup the money you spent on buying the property.

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