Shopping for Wedding Rings? Check Out These 4 Types


Getting hitched? Congratulations! There is nothing more beautiful than two people committing to love and care for each other for their lives. Getting married is one of the most important decisions and events of one’s life. Apart from deciding on the date, dress, venue, and menu, shopping for wedding rings are one of the most important parts of wedding shopping.

Speaking of wedding rings, have you thought about any style yet? There are four main types of wedding rings:

  • A plain wedding band that you could get in a variety of metals platinum, yellow gold, or white gold.
  • A classic diamond ring
  • The ever-green eternity ring
  • A sapphire ring

Let’s briefly take a look at all of them, shall we?

Plain Wedding Band

Less is more. And it certainly holds when it comes to choosing a wedding band. Also, a plain wedding ring is more practical. It gives off a simple and traditional look. Also, plain wedding bands tend to be more comfortable. They can be worn easily and go with all of your attires.

Wedding Rings

Apart from the practicality factor, some people want to save costs on wedding rings by removing the diamonds and other gemstones. They opt for expensive metals such as platinum or a higher gold value such as 18k rose gold or white gold. Also, a bulky diamond setting ring is not what you would call practical for daily wear.

Classic Diamond Ring

Who doesn’t love a diamond? The dazzling shine is sure to swoon your lady. It’s no secret that a diamond is a girl’s best friend. Every woman dreams of owning at least one. Also, with diamond wedding rings, you are available with a stunning array of gorgeous cuts and designs. You would surely find something that suits her personality. The round and princess cut are quite popular among ladies.

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Apart from the cuts, you also have a variety of different settings to choose from. You could either pick a solitary diamond or keep it the simple 3-stone style. They are quite breath-taking as well. You could choose three diamonds or some other stones along with a diamond in the middle. Diamonds are a lasting symbol of true love, that lasts forever.  Diamond rings can never go out of style.

Eternity Ring

The eternity ring does not need any introduction. It is also called the infinity ring. Such a ring can be worn solely or along with the engagement ring. It is one of the most elegant ring types there is, with stones or diamonds encircling your finger completely. They are delicate and ooze classiness. The fact that you have stones/ diamonds all-around your finger allows you to show off the gleaming stones from all angles.

Eternity rings are special as they represent never-ending love. They are great gifts as well that you can give to the special woman in your life on birthday, anniversary, and even on engagement. However, there is a teeny tiny thing that you have to take into account.  It is not easy to resize eternity rings if your ring size changes. It can be a bit difficult and there are chances of the ring getting ruined. 

Sapphire Ring

One can never go wrong with sapphire. It is classy, stylish, and exudes sophistication. Sapphires are unique in themselves due to their amazing range of colours. Blue sapphires are rather popular as Lady Diana’s engagement ring was also of blue sapphire encircled with diamonds. The combination of sparkling diamonds with deep blue made quite a stunning ring. The bright white complements the blue. Apart from this, sapphires come in pink, green, yellow, orange, colour less, and black colour. The choices are endless.

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Sapphires represent a lot more intimacy and style than diamonds. Each precious stone represents an emotion. Sapphire symbolizes loyalty, faithfulness, and trust. Sapphire rings are truly timeless and can be set in unique designs.

If you are out shopping for wedding rings, and checking out different jewellers in Dubai, think about the recipient of the ring. Apart from these wedding ring types, think about your partner’s personality and jewellery style as well. If she likes vintage things, you could give her something classic. If she is into the latest fashions, you can get the ring style that is trending in the market.

Good luck!

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