Content writing isn’t dead, millions of businesses are relying on it


Copywriting has never been an easy task, and during this epidemic, businesses across the globe are suffering from financial and logistics crises where millions of people are at the stake of losing their job. Developing countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh abled to control the COVID-19 spread at a considerable extent. However, still, unemployment, leaving millions of jobless people on the road, will prevail sooner or later and it will be challenging to feed millions of families with the limited resources due to the lockdown and homestay campaign. Despite this crisis, many businesses are trying its best to feed the hungry and provide the platform to generate some income at least to lower the financial burden and support the family during this hard time. One of such fields where you can earn your daily bread even during the lockdown is of copywriting. People usually misunderstand the term and get confused in copyright and copywriting.

Copywriting is a task to write content with the purpose of advertisement or for promotion. It is a prominent part of the job category as the content writing work from Home in India. You can go with it as part-time work, as your full-time job or become a freelancer. The best part of content writing under copywriting is that it gives you ample opportunities to use your writing and communication skills efficiently and excavate a reasonable sum of money through it. In India, Copywriting is growing its empire swiftly. Still, for a wise writer, it is important enough to spot the difference between malicious frauds and genuine ventures that offer you the real value of your work.

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Currently, India has very few genuine and authentic websites that pay you for writing content for them. One of such sites, which is completely reliable and trustworthy, is Isrg KB. The young and rapidly fleeting website is owned and executed by a young entrepreneur, Isrg Rajan. He is the founder and CEO of the web portal. The site has its reign on the web since 2011. The name of the website is taken from the name of its creator and KB stands for ‘ Knowledge Base’. Hence, the website is solely dedicated to delivering content that is rich in knowledge and is informative. The website publishes articles related to travels, food, lifestyle, health, education, entertainment and all other essential genres, wherein the reader’s interest lies. The best part of its content is its authenticity and rarity as it not only features what is trending but also answers many questions that are rarely answered by other websites available on the search engines.

The website gives abundant chances to the efficient writers to work with it as a copywriter. It’s easy to join as a copywriter as you don’t need to display any experience certifications or qualifications. All you need is the skilful ability of content writing and copywriting. Although, this leniency effects the website content as it becomes tough to determine the quality of write-ups and their eligibility to be published. But, to promote quality content, the website offers rewards, rankings and bonuses according to the popularity of one’s article. The payment and perks are according to the word limit, and the bonus is also offered to encourage punctuality with the deadline.

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There are several advantages that can make a writer stick to the website as a content writer or a copywriter.

Firstly, the genres of writing are varied, so you don’t need to keep writing about the same niche and feel disinterested and spiritless. Secondly, you also have the freedom to write on the topic of your own choice if it’s good and logical enough to be published. Thirdly, your content’s quality is appreciated with bonuses and rewards. Above all, the payment can be withdrawn with full security and reliability.  The website also provides contact support to the writers, readers and guests. Guest posting and promotions are also available. Although, there’s a lack of huge management staff, therefore, it may take some time to get a response to your approaches. Yet, you’re assured of getting a reply within a week of your approach.

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