5 Benefits of LED Advertising Screens

5 Benefits of LED Advertising Screens

At present, the commercial sectors have the challenge of serving increasing demanding customers not only for their professional training but also for their perceptions and habits of life. Among them, the pleasure to buy and apathy for selling.

It is an alert for the evolution of traditional ways of selling and promoting products or services. That is why the current advertising trends have changed. The Marketing of Attraction (Inbound Marketing) on conventional marketing and the digital signage on the static posters is booming.

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The demands of today’s customers are met with the construction of spectacular formats and environments that encourage them to purchase. Digital ads on LED screens are replacing traditional static advertising because of its enormous ability to communicate and attract attention. In this blog, we tell you some benefits of the use of LED advertising screens that will help you increase your results as a seller.

  1. Guaranteed visibility

At any time of the day, a LED screen designed for advertising will be straightforward to see with it the advertising message. Features such as brightness level will make it easier to be seen at any time of the day, even, receiving direct sunlight.

Depending on the use we want to give our LED screen and to attract attention, can have different types of support:

  • Hanging from the ceiling,
  • In shop windows,
  • Used as giant billboards outdoors
  1. Dynamic content

This type of visual advertising can be used at your Point of Sale to attract passers-by. Its features allow the transmission of visual material: image and video, graphics, text, etc. What was previously a static sign talking about a product, now it is a LED screen screaming with multimedia content.

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Changing the contents allows the planning of specific messages for different times of the day and diverse public. For example, the advertisement for a restaurant with a varied offer for lunch and dinner.

  1. Remote Control

Advertising in LED Screens facilitates a variety of content with small changes, and these can occur remotely. With a Wi-Fi connection, digital advertising can be done from a distance.

The information of several billboards can be modified simultaneously depending on the interests of the advertiser. Changes of offers, news, and personalization of messages can be executed remotely with a click.

  1. Customized advertising support

The led screens, posters and electronic signs can be designed with different shapes and sizes. Everything will depend on the indoor LED screen manufacturers, where it will be located and its use. Based on that, canopies, digital billboards or poles can be used. Some manufacturers can build screens in response to an exclusive request from a customer.

Not only the shape of the screen will be necessary: the level of brightness and protection will depend on its place of use: interior or exterior. With the right manufacturer, you will have ideal advertising support at your point of sale.

  1. Higher Return on Investment (ROI) on outdoor advertising

One of the largest retail chains in the United States said the digital ad has a Return on Investment (ROI) of less than one year.

Another benefit of investing in LED displays for digital advertising is how profitable it can be. The dynamism of the contents makes it possible to sell, on the same board, several advertisers and thus increase profits and diversify customers. Over time, what represented an investment to help increase revenues, ends up generating them on its own.

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Investing in digital advertising also has other benefits: the beautification of the Point of Sale, the use of visual marketing, new technologies, and above all to show a well-adjusted, modern, and efficient trade.

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