Hand Safety Guide | Different Types Of Gloves

Safety Gloves—Types and Uses

Regarding this hand safety guide, we have penned-down details linked to different types of gloves for our readers. You might be wondering how many types of gloves are there, below you can check out that!

Hand Safety Guide | Different Types Of Gloves

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Cotton gloves

Firstly, we have these cotton gloves. These gloves are marked as one of the common types of gloves.

They are commonly used by the general workers when they do not need and require any sort of high scale of protection. Furthermore, these gloves are comparatively thin and lightweight.

They give little safety and protection to the user and prevent their hands from just minor scrapes.

Leather Gloves

Next, we have leather gloves! These specific gloves offer good or you can say excellent grip.

In addition, they manage to give amazing insulation and durability to the user. These respective gloves are thicker as compared to other regular gloves.

They deliver the highest level of protection to the worker but you should avoid using them if working any heat-related task.

Their only drawback is that these gloves tend to become dry when you are going to expose to high-temperature scales. However, it is the presence of durable liner in them that makes them long-lasting.

Kevlar Gloves

If you are working in an industrial zone, then wearing Kevlar gloves is an ideal and suitable choice for you. These gloves are immensely lightweight and offer a robust solution for the sake of your hands’ protection.

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They allow maximum dexterity and movability and remain to stay strong and easy to use. The best part about these gloves is that they are fully resistant to cuts.

They even show resistance to punctures.

Impact-resistant gloves

These gloves are also known as vibration-resistant gloves. The purpose of wearing these gloves is that they manage to reduce the overall impact of extended vibration-filled situations.

In other words, these types of gloves absorb the highest amount of vibration in them while you are working any vibrating tools.

If you belong to the industries of fabrication and automotive or you are linked to the construction industry, then these gloves are usually and commonly worn over there.

Aluminized Gloves

Lastly, aluminized gloves are ideal and suitable gloves if you have some heat-related tasks at your end. Such gloves are extremely and massively resistant to heat and also high temperatures.

You can utilize these gloves in laboratories and welding and foundries. Your hands are going to remain protected if you work up to the temperature range of 2000 degrees F.


Hence, these are the safety glove options that you can go for:

You can share with us which industry you belong to and which glove you usually and generally wear. More of the information on different glove types are coming up, so keep in touch with us over here.

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