Why Does Cannabis Pre Roll must be Child Resistant Packaging?


Cannabis is a plant and is mainly used for its psychoactive effects, chronic pain, seizures, and cachexia. At the same time, it produces side effects like restlessness and issues which lead to loss of sleep. Studies have shown that the use of cannabis products by mothers affects their children’s development. This is the first drawback when it comes to the time of cannabis packaging. Although, the bright and practical pre roll packaging always draws attention to shelves containing cannabis items but making them child-resistant must also be the priority.

Try to provide your customers and patients with a safe and useful way to get their items by printing exclusively on the front box of the shelves, so that the cannabis can be stored for a long time without being in the access of their children. As the selection of pre roll packaging continues to expand, first-class cannabis co-packaging can become a reasonable sign for buyers.

Increase in Government and Media Attention to Cannabis Pre Roll Packaging

The great attention of the federal government and the media, as well as the evolution of the country’s regulations, has made child-safe packaging at the heart of every visionary cannabis producer. Cannabis brands know their products have received a greater degree of scrutiny.  To legalize and standardize their brands, it is important to associate them with legal and safe consumption.

Many lawmakers are still looking for any reason to further regulate the industry, therefore, prudent cannabis companies should take all precautions, whether to comply with regulations and laws, to prevent accidental ingestion and protect the cannabis from children. 

That said, cannabis, oil, and edible oil producers can’t miss the opportunity to properly brand in their brand space. The cannabis pre roll packaging industry is already full of childproof bags and cans, and given the growing variety of products available, the industry has begun to ask for more childproof packaging options.

Effective Pre Roll Cannabis Packaging to Prevent Children Mental Issues

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Compared to children who did not smoke cannabis, children who use cannabis had excessive impulsiveness and activity, exhibited behavior problems, lower IQ scores, and memory problems. These mental health problems continue into adolescence, where they are more likely to have attention problems and depression. At the age of 14, children exposed to marijuana are nearly twice likely to engage in illegal activities such as drug use than adults and are more than twice as likely to use cannabis and tobacco regularly.

The very consistent results between the mouse and human studies highlight the growing understanding of the effects of cannabis use on development. Effective cannabis pre-roll child-resistant packaging can help to prevent the risks of the above-mentioned problems.

Brain under Construction

In the short term, cannabis use has been shown to impair attention, memory, learning, and decision-making functions. These effects can last for several days after the high level disappears. Heavy cannabis use during adolescence or early adulthood is associated with a range of poor life outcomes, including poor school performance, increased dropout rates, increased dependence on well-being, increased unemployment, and decreased life satisfaction.

Child Resistant Packaging Designs

Design is one of the first things to consider when choosing child-safe packaging. Available options include glass bottles, foil pouches, blister packs, and rigid paper and plastic containers. Various resealable cardboard boxes on the market can prevent children from using them, but they are not always ideal for keeping the product fresh. These usually do not provide any shelf life of the food, so the product must be packaged before being placed in these boxes. Plastic is lightweight, requires few resources to manufacture, and is easy to recycle, so it is suitable for child-resistant packaging.

Best Practices for Child Resistant Cannabis Packaging

As cannabis acquires legal status in more and more countries, the demand for safe and reliable packaging continues to grow. There are many containers and closure options to choose from when packing hemp and cannabis products.  In this emerging phase of the sector, consumer confidence in producers, whether it be the product or the company itself, is crucial. As more and more manufacturers enter this booming market, they will make a lot of packaging decisions. 

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A basic decision will focus on the use of child-safe packaging. In some states, some cannabis products must be packaged in child-resistant packaging, but others have different restrictions. Always try to manufacture child-resistant packaging and pre roll display box their products in safe and reliable packaging.

Pre Roll Packaging: Childproof packaging plays an important role in preventing small children from coming into contact with cannabis-based foods and drinks, and these products can look attractive. However, safety isn’t the only factor cannabis-based food and beverage brands should consider when choosing child-safe packaging. Duration and cost are always the most important. Environmental impact, pre-roll brand, intuitive use, and accessibility to high-end consumers are also the most important issues.

Child Resistant Slide Drawer Box Assisted with Joints Separator: This is quite similar to a classic matchbox. It is a good feeling that when you try to open a matchbox, you take a matchstick and then you light your joint. You can adopt this mechanism to make a child-resistant box for cannabis. This is an interesting idea that fits into the future cannabis market. A paper separator can be used inside the box. This may help to divide the box into different sections of your choice. You can divide it into two sections; one for joints and the other for lighter.

Child Resistant Cannabis Bottles and Jars: Small bottles of childproof prescription drugs have become the most popular form of cannabis packaging due to their lightfastness and childproof properties. This type of packaging is primarily used for packaging medical and recreational cannabis buds, but can also be used to hold pre-rolled joints. Glass jars are another popular type of packaging for cannabis products, which can easily be made into child-resistant jars.

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