Kitchen Black Worktops: The Best Worktops to Make Your Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

People tend to compare different kitchen designs for elegance and appeal. But black itself embodies these two elements. Black is a difficult colour to compete with when it comes to countertops and any other material that makes up kitchen decor. Whether it’s a granite worktop or quartz, the mere procedure of adding black colour to it will make your kitchen one of the most classy spaces in your house.

For a kitchen, black worktops have already set the trend, and people are not even near to getting bored out of them. A colour that can be contrasted with every single other tone you select, black is the king of versatility. Whether you wish to turn your kitchen into a sleek-modernistic aura or a cosy and vibrant family space to hang out with kids and the loved ones, black is the colour that will stand up to all your expectations.

Natural Stone Countertops in Black

Black shades are available in almost all the natural stone countertops, especially the three that are flooding the market nowadays- granite, marble and quartz.

1. Black Granite Countertops

Black granite kitchen worktops offer more of a traditional look to your kitchen. If you have wooden cabinetry in your kitchen, then black granite is the perfect fit to complete the rustic appearance.

The two most popular variations of black granite are absolute-black and pearl-black. Whilst the former is darker and has more depth in it; the latter is slightly inclined towards the greyish tone with specks of silver mica in it.

2. Black Quartz Countertops

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On the other hand, black quartz worktops are an ideal selection if you’re looking for ultra-modern accompanied by a dramatic finish to your kitchen. Quartz is one of the most robust countertop options you can get today at affordable rates.

Compared to granite, it is low maintenance and can last for years in the same condition as it was when you first bought it.

3. Black Marble Countertops

Somewhere between the traditional and the super-luxurious outline to your kitchen, black marble worktops accentuate minimalism and sleekness. Highly contrasted with white, you can extend the black marble worktop into the black marble splashback and beget your cooking space a bold and crisp look.

The Practical Side Of Black Worktops

Worktops tend to get messier and dirtier with choking than any other place in your kitchen. With all types of possibilities spoiling the glamour of your worktop, it is intimidating in real life to get a gleaning white colour to it. But with black kitchen worktops, you can finally enjoy cooking without fearing stains and heat damages, if any.

The best thing about black worktops is that no matter what design you choose or how you wish to style your kitchen, they will create a rhythm with everything. The more ideas you imagine in your head, the better your future kitchen seems to appear.

Whether it’s a nature theme with hanging pots or you want to have a deluxe kitchen lavished with chandeliers and glass, black worktops are preferred for a reason- their ability to uplift the dullest room with their elegance.

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