What steps should I follow Before The First Meeting With Oncologist?


Over the last decade, the range of cancer patients across the world is increasing exponentially. Cancer is the second biggest reason for global death. According to the research, one person out of six dies because of cancer. The most typical and common cancers are skin, stomach, prostate, lung, liver, breast, and colorectal. People die mostly due to lung, liver, stomach, and colorectal cancers. When the normal cells transform into tumour cells, cancer arises.


When people know they are suffering from cancer, they panic, lose control over themselves, and feel helpless. Therefore, people need to find the best oncologist, a cancer doctor, for their cancer treatment. Finding the cancer doctor is the first most and significant decision when you learn you have cancer. If you do not have an urgent symptom, like vomiting, nausea, or pain, you must consider that you have sufficient time for searching for the best cancer doctor.

It is not straightforward to find the best cancer doctor within less time. It is imperative that before you meet cancer doctors, you must select the best cancer doctor for your treatment. But, how to select the best cancer doctor? Below are some essential tips to consider while selecting the best cancer doctor.

The significant step before meeting the cancer doctor is to learn your cancer type. You must know whether you have a lung, breast, stomach, liver, or colorectal cancer.

  • Get referrals

You can ask your family or primary doctor to recommend some cancer specialist doctors for your cancer treatment. Alternatively, you can take advice from your relatives or family members about the specialist doctors.

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You can also search on the web for doctors. Make a list of doctors and research about their credentials. Later, sort them according to your treatment type.

  • Research about doctors

When you narrow down your doctors’ list, you can spend more time researching those doctors. While studying, you must look at an oncologist’s certification, experience, and training skills. Another element to look at while researching is the oncologist should not have any malpractice history.

  • Research about the hospital

You should study about every oncologist’s hospital. It must follow a multidisciplinary approach. The hospital must have all specialists required for the cancer treatment, like surgeons, radiologists, etc.

After you finish your research, you can call the best doctor’s office and enquire about the treatment and ask for an appointment.

  • Other patients’ reviews

You must reach out to patients that have taken treatment from your selected cancer doctor. Ask patients about the doctor’s nature, communication style, treatment method, etc. Additionally, you can also ask about the hospital’s staff, environment, and facilities offered.

Once you finish the research, you can select the best hospital and doctor for your treatment, and ask for the first appointment.


Visiting the best and most experienced oncologist for cancer treatment is essential. However, it is quite challenging to choose the best cancer doctor. Before you have a meeting with your cancer doctor, you should follow all the above tips mentioned.

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