What can Google Analytics Users Access using Fastbase?

What can Google Analytics Users Access using Fastbase?

Different lead generation tools allow its users with different aspects of leads that might help one. However, Fastbase has now announced that they will allow Google Analytics users to have comprehensive access to their database. It means users of this software will have leads and more that will allow a company to grow at a rapid pace when using this tool. Google Analytics users will be the most beneficial among all users of this software. 

Fastbase Company and database 

This company has recently acknowledged the fact that it is now allowing all of their Google Analytics users to access complete details of their database without any restriction. This firm remarked that this will include data of over 200 million businesses as well as employee details approximately. 

Moreover, users of this tool can easily access Web Leads from this software that is directed at assisting businesses to seek, discover, and also engage with viable prospects for better results. It means what it is offering no other similar tool can provide in the long run. 

Access Google Analytics users get 

As mentioned earlier, Google Analytics users are the most beneficial among all users of this software. Numerous options are available for such users and ensure growth of their company at a steady pace even in the long run. With such a massive database access, Google Analytics users will have: 

  1. Access to detailed contact information; using leads from this tool will permit users to have over 700 million email ids along with LinkedIn profiles. Moreover, it offers information that includes key contact details for marketing and sales, IT personnel, finance, management, and business owners. It will be a database that will help any to develop in its field through abundance of hot leads that are easily converted by sales teams. 
  2. Combining or merging of data; this lead generating software is designed in a way that will provide users to easily pool available data of website analytics. This is combined using real-time traffic/visitor information, which is aimed at helping companies to avoid any guesswork about leads visiting a website. Hence, this will allow for tailored conversation for sales team for better deal closing rate. 
  3. Direct data downloads; Fastbase is designed in a way that it will permit Google Analytics users to directly download data about numerous companies to CSV or Excel format. In addition, if a user wants, then he/she can opt for exporting said data directly into CRM database like Zoho, Salesforce, HubSpot, etc. 
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These are some of the helpful access to database that a Google Analytics user will have complete access too. This will ensure a company’s growth and receive leads that are always relevant to its work. So, all one needs now is to simply sign up for this software using a Google account/email credential. 

Open account today to ensure that you stay ahead of your competitive businesses and gain more than others in the business sector. So, stop wasting time and start with your free or paid account today

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