7 Glaucoma Myths That You Must Steer Clear From


Glaucoma is an eyesight issue that has emerged as a leading cause of blindness in the world. The symptoms of glaucoma are quite common, and often people don’t notice until it reaches an advanced stage. According to research, 5 out of 10 people who have glaucoma aren’t even aware of their condition. It is essential to understand the situation and keep yourself informed.

Just like any other eye issue, people have a set of myths regarding glaucoma that makes the disease even harder to predict and treat. Here is a list of some popular myths that people have.

Glaucoma is One Disease

One of the major myths surrounding glaucoma is that people consider it as a single disease. The reality is that glaucoma has different types that are determined according to the affected area. Primary open-angle glaucoma and angle-closure glaucoma are two of the common types of glaucoma. It is essential to understand the symptoms of each type.

It Affects Only The Elderly Crowd

Glaucoma is mainly associated with old age. Though it is true that people over the age of 70 are the most affected ones, there is no age limit for a person to develop glaucoma. Even people from the age group of 20-30 years are affected by glaucoma. So, it is essential to keep checking your eyesight to detect the issue at an early stage.

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Glaucoma Gives Warning Signs

Most people consider glaucoma gives warning signs before it gets severe. In reality, open-angle glaucoma does not have any possible signs to show its severity. There is no pain with increased eye pressure. It would be difficult to detect the vision impairment right away. Hence, you must be vigilant regarding your eyesight and make your eye checkup more frequent.

Glaucoma Test is Painful

The reason people don’t end up detecting glaucoma at an early stage because most of the patients are scared about the tests. People have a myth that glaucoma test is painful and risky. In reality, the test is entirely painless and least invasive. The air puff test just blows warm air into your eye to test. Some patients are shocked by this testing method that makes them consider the glaucoma test is rather painful. Consult the best glaucoma specialist in Delhi to get a better understanding of the test.

There’s No Cure To Glaucoma

People get extremely apprehensive about their glaucoma condition. It is essential to understand that glaucoma is treatable and has a cure. From effective eye drops, oral medicines, to surgeries, glaucoma has plenty of treatment methods that can prove to be beneficial for your condition. Hence, it is essential to understand that glaucoma has treatments and cures that people can use to move past the situation.

Marijuana Helps in Glaucoma

One of the bizarre myths that you can hear about glaucoma is that marijuana can heel your glaucoma. In the 70s, it was studied that marijuana can be used as a treatment method for glaucoma. The THC compound in marijuana deems to lower the intraocular eye pressure. There is no scientific evidence regarding marijuana’s effectiveness for glaucoma.

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Glaucoma Is Not Preventable

People consider that you cannot control glaucoma and prevent it from happening. But, with regular eye checkup, you can understand your eye situation before things start to get worse. Ophthalmologist suggests that people should make their appointment with an eye doctor more frequent to mitigate the risk of glaucoma. After the age of 40, your eyesight becomes a risky area.

The Bottom Line

The above mentioned were some of the popular myths surrounding glaucoma. It is essential to steer past such myths and understand the facts about glaucoma to make yourself aware of this eye issue.


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