In the heart of Vietnam, Hue was it’s capital for 143 years which says so much about the history in this city. Home to the imperial city and the 7 imperial tombs, this city was hit the hardest during the vietnam war. Located near the banks of the beautifully named Perfume River, this city has its way to charm you. From its magnificent ancient architecture to the engaging museums, history lovers will just not want to come back home from here. With close day trips, it’s lovely scenery. this city is a perfect mixture of everything!

While it may seem very confusing for you to make an itinerary for yourself, here is a guide that has been curated for you to plan your visits at Hue easier:

  1. Visit the Tombs of the Ancient Emperors- as said earlier, Hue is the tomb of the Ancient Emperors and is rich in culture. Mostly made around the 19th and 20th centuries, these tombs have  stories of Buddhist legends carved in them. Tomb of Tu Duc, the Tomb of Minh Mang and the Tomb of Khai Dinh are the ones that you should not miss if you’re a history buff. If you’re not sure of which tombs you would like to visit, you can always choose a dedicated guided tour.
  2. Walk along the Perfume River- famous for its boat tours, this is the perfect way to spend your evenings when you have some extra time in hand. You could either have a dinner cruise, or just ride along and make stops on the attractions on the way. Eitherways, this beauty is to not be missed.
  3. Phuong – Party Until Midnight- yes, this is for the party animal that is in you. What makes this club different from the rest is the way it has been built i.e the architecture and the interior. Built in a theatre form, there is a stage up front where you can shake a leg with the cabaret dancers from live Vietnamese pop to loud Vina House music. This club opens up by 11 am and is open until 2 am.
  4. Elephant Springs – Cool it all Off here at these springs, located 17 kms away from Hai Van Pass. It got its name because it has a rock which is in the shape of an Elephant. The Freshness, tranquility and diverse shapes of these rocks and waterfalls of the  forests here are miraculous and irresistible for those who love sceneries and want to decode the secrets of nature by their own way.
  5.  Journey to Bach Ma National- located at 1,450 meters above sea level and is home to the prettiest scenery in all of Hue. On your visit here you will find towering waterfalls as well as pretty hiking trails and there are countless crumbling French villas to observe along the way. This park is part of the wider Annamite Range and this part of Vietnam is known for its lush landscapes. You can also combine a trip here with a stop off in Cau Hai Village. Another option is to stay overnight here at the campground where you can just spend the day swimming in limpid pools and enjoying the flora and fauna.
  6. Visit the Imperial Citadel-  If you are a fan of Vietnamese costumes, textiles and art then make sure you dont skip the main galleries here. Made of vaste complex, The Imperial Citadel in Hue would have been the previous center of the government. When you take a walk around this place you will surely admire the moats, carved gates and royal pavilions, and of course the cluster of engaging museums on the same ground.
  7. Sunbathe on Thuan An Beach- About 14 kilometers right outside of Hue is Thuan An Beach, so if you fancy a coastline then this is the spot for you. Part of the Phu Van District, Thuan An Beach consists of a long coastline of fluffy sand. The claim is that this is one of the most beautiful beaches here in Vietnam. The main season here runs from May to September when temperatures in Hue rise and you can just sit back and sunbathe here comfortably.
  8. Walk across the Thanh Toan Bridge- influenced by both Japanese and Chinese architecture this bridge was constructed in the 18th century. Thanh Toan Bridge is the most famous bridge in Hue, spanning the Nhu Y River  is made up of a wooden platform which is topped with a tiled roof.  Stretching for about 17 meters it also has a shrine located inside which is dedicated to the patron of the structure.
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This is just a jist of things you can do here at Hue, but when you plan a vacation to Vietnam, take a dive into the historical province that will introduce you to the true colors and culture of Vietnam. So go and make your own customized Vietnam packages and make sure you enjoy the iconic attractions.

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