Why Jim Corbett Is The Best Place For A Destination Wedding?


Taking your wedding vows with hills surrounding and in a breezy atmosphere looks like the idea of a dream wedding for many couples. Many people choose to host their big day celebration in the best family resorts in Corbett which narrows down to Clarissa resort as the all-time favourite. From scenic wedding venue to wedding decorators, you will be provided with the best of all categories at their place.

For your search to the best time to have the celebration of the occasion of your lifetime in wedding resort in Corbett, early April to mid-July is the best time to get it done. The sky is clear and blue during this time and weather is also moderate and predictable. Avoid hosting a wedding in the rainy season that extends from late-July to September as it can hinder your celebration in many ways. Winters are also not a good option to organise a wedding at this location as the temperatures can be freezing and the cold breeze can affect your health.

The second important thing that you can include in your celebration with a trend setting idea is the inclusion in undeniably delicious Kumaon cuisine in your menu. This will offer a unique experience to your guests and will cater to their taste buds in your celebration. Just let your hotel in Jim Corbett know about this idea so that they can arrange the best of chefs of this cuisine to prepare the delicacies for your guests. You can also choose to add great accompaniments with your regular dishes like green-chilli salads, plum chutneys and more for more authentic culinary experience of the region.

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For a budget wedding, you can stick to following points that will save you from burning hole in your pocket on your big day celebration.

  • A wedding destination in Corbett that is adorned more with natural beauty will help you save much on the décor of your celebration. Choose a place that is lush green, great backdrops and more of natural essence so that you don’t have to spend much on decoration.
  • Make booking of your occasion at best resorts for weddings in Corbett in advance in order to get a great deal on the same. You can avail hefty discounts if you make bulk orders so do try that too.

Choose limited items on menu and include local dishes more in order to save on food and beverages. Stick to quality instead of quantity.

  • The offbeat wedding resorts in Jim Corbett are available at much less price in the off-season. As there are less fewer of visitors, the prices of services hit rock bottom making them the best time to avail a great deal for your occasion. 
  • Avoid transportation costs by booking for accommodation and wedding venue both at the same hotel in Jim Corbett. This will add to your discount value.

So, make use of this great info before you plan for the memorable day of your life.

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