Tips When Buying New Underwear


Once you have decided it is now time to say bye-bye to your underwear that was bought by your mother for you, there are several tips and tricks you better follow to make sure that you are replacing your underwear with really good ones. 

When you go shopping for underwear, choose one that fits you well, anti-microbial, sturdy, and of course, flattering. 

Choose Underwear That Fits You Well

Underwear that fits you well should have no excess material. It should be snug but not too tight that it cuts circulation. If you wear underwear and you wear tight pants or trousers, the underwear should stay put and not bunch up towards your waist or slid down. 

The lining of your underwear must not be noticeable when you wear pants. With business attire and or going out and doing some sporty and or active activities, opt for low-rise briefs. For sleeping or for some casual outing, you could be laid back and go with comfortable cotton boxershorts.

Choose Underwear That Is Anti-Microbial

When we buy underwear, we don’t really consider whether it is anti-microbial or not. What we are usually after is that it fits and at times if it comes in bulk and is affordable and within our budget. But now that we are more conscious when we shop for underwear, choosing one that is anti-microbial and moisture-absorbent is now a priority.

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Choose Underwear Made Out of Sturdy Materials

You need to be washing your underwear after every wear and if you would only be buying a few pairs, the frequency of rotation for you wearing the same pair would make the underwear frequenting the inside of your washing machine. 

The more times the underwear is washed, the less strapping it becomes. So, if you are not planning on buying 100 pairs of underwear that you could interchange in wearing, buy underwear made out of sturdy materials and would retain its shape even after lots of washes. Take note as well that underwear is better washed in a hot water setting so the material must not be something that would shrink from being washed with hot water.

Choose Flattering Underwear

Have you ever heard of the advice that when you step out of your home you have to wear nice underwear? This is because if ever you were in an accident (God forbid), the paramedics would be removing your clothes and you’d be left wearing your underwear. 

You would not want them to see your stained, loose, and full of holes underwear. Men should also be as conscious as women are when it comes to underwear. Wearing flattering underwear would make you feel good and would instantly put you in a good mood, even if it’s just you and your bathroom walls could see.

Last words

Following these tips and tricks would make buying underwear an enjoyable and easy affair since not all men are fond of shopping. But when you have these tips in mind, you’d finish shopping for underwear in no time.

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