Tips For Finding The Best And High-Quality Toupees


A wig is the best option for those who suffer from alopecia or thinning of hair. There are various toupees available in the market. You must select high-quality mens human hair toupee to get the most natural look which can be done based on your facial features, wig size, and many more intricate details.

4 Tips To Find The Best Toupee For Yourself

A wig with excessive shine looks very unnatural. Such wigs do not provide a natural look. An ambiguous hair extension may lead to a bad smell. Oils from your body get accumulated under the wig, making matters worse. If unnoticed, it might become a breeding place for bacteria.

1. Evaluate Natural Vs Synthetic

There are mainly two types of toupees on the market, natural hair and synthetic hair. It is very easy to clean, manage, and maintain synthetic hair, so customers might be tempted to purchase a synthetic one rather than a natural one. While it is a cost-effective option, a major drawback of synthetic hair is that it would not look and feel natural.

Synthetic hair is very easily recognizable, especially when you wear it on the top of your natural hair. While natural human hair wigs provide you with a natural look.

If you choose a handmade toupee, you will get a more natural-looking wig. In a handmade toupee, you need not worry about the wind or rainfall.

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2. Go For An Exact Colour Match

It is understandable to want a quick solution for hair problems. But before choosing the wig, you must consider certain details such as your facial shape, the quality of your hair, and more.

The toupee must fit on your head perfectly. The colour of the toupee you are going to purchase is the next important factor. You must keep in mind that there should not be any mismatch between the colour of your hair and the wig.

3. Be Cautious With The Hair Base

There are broadly three kinds of hair base:

  • Mono toupee
  • Lace toupee
  • Thin Skin toupee

Finding the right hair base is crucial while selecting a toupee. You can choose one based on the level of naturalness you require, the durability of the material, etc.

4. Select A Shop Judiciously

Selecting the right toupee seller who has a trustworthy reputation and also suits your needs is very important for getting high quality toupees. There are plenty of online stores and also physical shops who sell wigs today.

However, you should choose a shop based on multiple reviews of customer satisfaction. Some companies also provide you with a good guarantee or warranty.


You should consider these 4 factors while purchasing a toupee. But research thoroughly before choosing the most natural-looking wig suitable for you. Remember that the toupee should not be extremely tight, which might make you feel uncomfortable.

NewTimes Hair is one of the leading wholesalers of high-end human hair replacement products all over the world. Newtimes Hair aims to produce high-quality toupees that are tailor-made to suit the needs of every client.

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