The Top 8 Sponsors Behind The Most Popular Football Competition

Football Sponsors

One of the most popular football competitions, UEFA allures huge and popular sponsors from around the globe and also enjoys an enormous fan base. It is one of the most-watched events and even surpasses the Super Bowl. The UEFA Champions League is tempting for innumerable sponsors as it provides them with an opportunity to grow.

The Top 8 Sponsors Behind the Most Popular Football Competition


Being a part of the UEFA Champions League for more than 20 years now, MasterCard is one of the most popular sponsors. It believes in creating exceptional experiences for customers rather than just buying things because that’s what matters at the end. As Ann Cairns, MasterCard’s President said, MasterCard wants to connect with people through the UEFA Champions League rather than just sponsoring it. 



One of the biggest Champions League Sponsors is Adidas and being a sports brand; it is the most relevant and aligned sponsor for the league. Adidas supplies balls during the entire tournament, and it provides the kits given to both the teams in the finals. Adidas connects well with youngsters and hence enjoys massive popularity as the Champions League sponsor. It also installs bespoke Champions League in all the retails stores and designs the ball for the finale.



Supporting the UEFA Champions League for a long time, Heineken has been a regular sponsor since 2005. Popular among the audience and its long association with the league has done wonders ever since. A campaign by Heineken called #ChampionTheMatch gained immense popularity and was one of the biggest sponsors to drive the maximum engagement. It also won the rights to exclusive UEFA Champions League content among all the other sponsors. Being one of the biggest Championship League Sponsors, Heineken is present in 220 markets worldwide. They do not sponsor individual teams because sponsoring the competition as a whole helps them with a broader reach.

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One of the leading and most successful gas companies in the world, Gazprom is immensely passionate about football. Their passion knows no bounds for the game of football, and that is why it has been one of the biggest sponsors. Gazprom sponsors individual teams, unlike Heineken, who sponsors the entire competition. With a history of supporting and sponsoring football clubs in Russia and Europe, Gazprom has expanded to UEFA championship since 2012. This sponsorship began because of their love for football along with the hope to improve their reputation, gain reach and expand on a global scale.



With six years of credibility, this famous worldwide bank became the official bank of the UEFA Champions League. UniCredit sponsored all the UEFA competitions after signing up this deal. This is the only commercial bank that has won the exclusive right of retaining five kids with the referees on the ground before every match of UEFA Champions League.



A leader in the food and beverage market, PepsiCo also became one of the most popular sponsors of the most popular football competition. It decided to put Walkers, Pepsi MAX and Gatorade on the forefront along with other brands including Lipton, 7Up and Doritos as a part of its sponsorship agreement.



This huge automotive brand slashed Ford’s 22-year long partnership and became one of the leading sponsors of this prestigious football competition in 2014. With the hope of expanding and gaining recognition in Europe, Nissan made a massive spend, and it is considered to be its biggest sponsorship deal ever.

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With UEFA bent towards loyal sponsorship, they are never short on sponsors rather have a huge fan base and brands willing to sponsor this competition. All the brands who sponsor this league have recognised immense opportunities and significant potential for growth. This league is popular in the media and hence offers tremendous brand identity and provides sponsors with a chance to make a mark.

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