How much RAM is enough for your Smartphone?

ram for smartphone

When buying a new smartphone, how much RAM is really enough? Here are a few ways you can ascertain the requirements. When you think about buying a new smartphone, what are the first few things that pop into your mind? It could be the smartphone price, the brand you prefer, or the camera resolution you would want in your new smartphone. 

With smartphone brands boasting about cameras, display sizes and other specs, it is easy to overlook the most important parameters you should consider before purchasing a new smartphone.

While a smartphone’s processor is its heart, the smartphone’s RAM can be compared to the central nervous system. A smartphone’s RAM is just as important as the processor, and the two work together in harmony to provide you with the best user experience possible. 

Thus, it is important to consider a smartphone’s processor, along with its RAM before buying the model. Actually, it totally depends on OEM and their Android ROM maintainers, your phone’s RAM may or may not be reserving some part of the RAM for swapping in and out, and it is a scheme of Android RAM Management system to free Available RAM required by the new app.

While it is relatively easy to know about the phone’s processor, considering we can look up the processor series, it is important to also know what RAM size is ideal for your needs and requirements.

How much RAM is enough?

Most of us use our smartphones for different purposes. While some of us just use it for communication purposes, such as texting, calling or chatting over apps like WhatsApp or Telegram, others use heavy applications like gaming apps, or for streaming online content. 

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Considering the fact that most of the teenagers and young adults are enamoured with social media platforms, and also depend on their smartphones for almost everything, a 4GB RAM might not be enough.

Smartphone brands have made it possible to purchase 6GB RAM phones at pocket-friendly prices. Some of the best phones under 15,000 INR come with 6GB RAM, such as Xiaomi Redmi Note 9, Realme 7 and Redmi Note 8.

A 6GB RAM would let you seamlessly switch between different applications while ensuring that your phone does not lag, even while playing heavy games.

Why should you go for high RAM size?

More RAM ensures that consumers can use multiple apps and switch between them effortlessly. When you minimize an app, it still runs in the background, and continues to use the phone memory. 

If the smartphone does not have adequate RAM, the apps either take longer time to load or won’t open at all. RAMs act as temporary storage when you use your smartphone, and the more RAM you have, the better the phone’s performance.

Smartphone brands today offer different variants. From phones with 4GB RAMs to 6GB, 8GB and 12GB RAM, OEMs offer more RAM at higher price points.

The 12GB RAM mobiles are often the high-end variants or flagship models. For instance, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra come with 12GB RAM. 

You don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts on buying a 12GB RAM mobile phone either. OnePlus Nord, considered to be one of the best mid-range phones today, comes with a 12GB RAM variant for less than Rs. 30,000.

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We often choose smartphone models that offer faster performance and come with the best features at that particular price point.

Buying a smartphone with higher RAM size is always beneficial, as users can play the latest mobile games without any issues while switching between apps. Multitasking also becomes buttery smooth if you have a higher RAM size.

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