Places to explore in Rameswaram

senior citizen group tour Rameswaram

Travelling with people who are of similar age and of similar mindset can be a great feeling. That is why; if older people want to travel together then there needs to be a provision for that always.

There are many tour agencies which have come up with senior citizen tour packages which are exclusively for people who are above 50 years. One can easily enrol there and have a great holiday because everything is planned there by the agency and one does not have to arrange their accommodation and food or even the travel itinerary.

If one has enrolled for a senior citizen group tour Rameswaram then it is always a good idea to know a bit about the place beforehand and what to see there before going for the holiday.

Located in the island of Pamban, this is a place which is situated at the tip of Indian peninsula. Also, this place is separated from the mainland of India. It is a historical city which was ruled once by many south Indian dynasties and one can also get the mention of this place in Ramayana. It is included in the state of Tamil Nadu and is included in the Holy pilgrimage of the Hindus called the Char Dhaam. Here are some major places to see there:

Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple

This temple is said to be one of the most important temple of Shiva for the people who are believer of this God. This temple is one of the Char Dhams of Hindu pilgrimage as mentioned above and according to the myth this temple was built by Lord Ram himself. This temple shows the Dravidian style of constructional architecture and this temple got expanded during the rule of the Pandya Kings which is believed to be during the 12th century.

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There are sandy shores in Rameswaram which are also considered to be holy places. Agnitheertan is said to be a collection of 22 spots at the shores where the pilgrims can take a bath. As per mythology, Lord Ram took a bath at this shore in order to wash away the sins of the killings in the war against Ravana.

 Gandamadana Parvatham

This is a small hillock which lies just 3 kilometres away from Rameswaram and it is the highest point in the entire island. This place is said to house the footprint of Lord Rama on a Chakra. This hill is a beautiful location because one can get a panoramic view of the entire island from here.

 The Five-faced Hanuman Temple

This is another temple which is very much popular because of the unique incarnation of the monkey god popularly known as the Lord Hanumana. Here the image of the deity has 5 faces and they are named as Lord Adivaraha, Lord Hanumana, Lord Narasimha, Lord Garuda and Lord Hayagriva. The idol is being carved from a large stone and there are ancient idols of Lord Rama and Sita present there.

One can check for the Rameswaram travel package for senior citizens and go ahead with it.

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