No Headphones Jack But Still iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode

No Headphones Jack But Still iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode
No Headphones Jack But Still iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode

Many iPhone users face the issue that their iPhone lightning headphone gets stuck into Headphones Mode. To resolve iPhone issue you can follow the following troubleshooting steps

Unplug your headphones

There may be dust or debris stuck in the headset port. Remove the headset and re-plug and un-plug headphones at least 4-6 times.

  • Perform a hard restart of your device
  • You can use the hairdryer or toothpick to clean the port and remove all the dirt, gently brush all opening with a soft-bristled brush. 
  • Always make sure that your phone is switched off while taking any of the above cleaning steps. Check your headphone cable, connector, etc

Try Bluetooth speaker

Try connecting your iPhone with a Bluetooth device or Bluetooth speaker and disconnect it. Check your device that it is still stuck on headphone mode & iphone security camera apps.

Check settings

iPhone might have stuck in Call Audio Routing as this setting determines whether you hear audio coming from during phone calls or not. To check this Used Sell Phones in Dubai.

  • Go to setting > General > Accessibility > Interaction > Call Audio Routing > Automatic
  • Now text your phone by making an audio memo or by placing a call

Try airplane mode

Switch your device to airplane mode for 15 to 30 minutes to do this

  • Go to setting > airplane mode

Inspect the Water Damage

Check for the water or liquid damage of your phone by using LCI (liquid contact indicator) it is there inside the sim slot. If your iPhone contacts water the LCI will turn red. 

  • If there is water then it is important to completely dry your phone and then reset your phone as well.
  • A reset might help your iPhone. Make sure to take backup for your important data and information. 
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If you still struggle with the problem and need an iPhone repair, then you can contact THE FIX where our team of professional technicians will diagnose your iPhone and provide you the appropriate resolution. 

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