Maternity Insurance : Know Everything About It


Motherhood is a blessing. You bring a new life into the world and nurture it. A child completes a family and is cherished by its parents. Though motherhood is a blessing, have you ever thought about the related expenses? Right from the time a woman gets pregnant till the time the child is delivered, huge costs are involved. Moreover, there are considerable costs even in the first year of the child being born when numerous vaccinations are required. How can a middle-class man bear such high expenses? While bringing a child is a thing of joy, aren’t the medical expenses a curse?

Maternity insurance is the answer to deal with huge maternity costs. Many online health insurance plans provide coverage for maternity related expenses under their coverage features. These health plans are also called maternity insurance in India.

Coverage offered by maternity insurance plans

  Delivery expenses – whether it is normal delivery or Cesarean delivery, maternity insurance in India cover the expenses related with delivery of the child.

  Pre and post – natal expenses – expenses incurred before the birth of the child and after delivery are called pre and post-natal expenses and these expenses are also covered in many maternity health insurance plans.

  First year vaccinations – mediclaim for pregnancy also covers the expenses on the vaccination of the child within the first 12 months from birth.

  New born baby cover – under this head in a maternity insurance policy, the new born baby is covered for up to 90 days after being born or up to the expiry of the policy year in which the baby is born.

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  Ambulance expenses – the costs incurred in transporting the mother to the hospital in case of an emergency is also covered by pregnancy insurance plans.

Points to remember

When it comes to pregnancy insurance, there are some points which you should remember. These points are mentioned below:

  Limits on coverage – there is a maximum limit on the delivery expenses. Both normal and cesarean delivery expenses are limited up to a certain extent mentioned in the maternity insurance policy document. Even pre and post-natal expenses might have a limit on their extent of coverage. Even the coverage for ambulance expenses under pregnancy insurance plans has a maximum limit. Lower of the actual expenses or the maximum specified limit is compensated by the insurance company.

  Waiting period – maternity cover is always provided after a specified waiting period. This period ranges from 1 year to a maximum of 6 years depending on the plan’s coverage conditions. Thus, if you are thinking of availing maternity health insurance cover right after buying the policy you cannot. Look at the maternity waiting period before you buy.

  Exclusions – though pregnancy insurance plans covers most of the maternity related expenses, there are some expressed exclusions. Termination of pregnancy, congenital defects in the baby, regular doctor’s consultations during the term of pregnancy, cost of sonography and other pathological tests on outpatient basis, etc. are not covered in most of the plans.

Buying mediclaim for pregnancy is always advised. If you are confused about the plans offering maternity cover you can visit Paybima and find the plans which have an inbuilt maternity coverage benefit. Paybima lists the maternity insurance plans, their coverage features, the limits on expenses, the waiting period and also the associated premium. You can, thus, find your perfect plan on Paybima’s website. Maternity insurance takes care of your finances at the happiest moment of your life – having a child. So, if you do not want to be burdened with maternity costs avail maternity insurance.

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