Major Repairs Done to a Car After a Collision


Auto body shops are known for fixing all that got damaged on a car body. We all know that apart from age, wear and tear, the other two reasons for major damages caused to the car body are collision and natural forces.

Here we would focus only on those repair work that are done at the certified auto body shops, after a car gets involved in a road accident, or a major collision. We got the information from the labor staff of the Hayden collision repair center, who reminded us, at the same time, that not all auto body shops will be able to offer the same range of services.

So here we are listing all the major repair works that only well-established certified auto body shops will be able to handle.

Windshield Replacement

When a car unfortunately faces a head on collision, the most fragile and vulnerable part that takes the brunt of it, is the windshield. Once there is a crack, a chip, or a total breakdown of the windshield, it becomes extremely risky to drive the car even for a bit. In such situations, a certified auto body shop can be contacted on phone, called on the accident site and be ordered to tow the damaged car to their repair center. There they will first examine what and all has got damaged in the collision and the shop will replace the windshield within a short period of time.

Bumper Repair

The next most common scene observed after a collision, is damage caused to the bumper. The bumper is in fact meant to take this shock, in order to save the car cabin from the worst affecting collision. But it needs to be straightened back, or in worst cases, replaced. A certified auto body repair center will offer this service, no matter how small or big is the damage.

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Headlight Repair

Collisions will always have menacing effects. The cars involved in a head on collision will have the maximum chance to get damaged on the headlight area. Headlights are the most important driving components that are also considered as one of the most important safety feature for any vehicle, since it is the lack of visibility that causes an accident. so, if your headlights got damaged from a collision, get it immediately repaired from an auto body shop at your earliest.

Frame Straightening

We all have seen tremendously damaged cars lying on the roadside after gruesome accidents have taken place. In most of these cases, the car owners have left all hope to get the car repaired after it has got damaged to such an extent. But here there is some hopeful news for those car owners who think there’s nothing to do once the car body has got severely damaged. they can get back their car back to its original shape if they are ready to invest in a frame straightening, instead of investing in a new car, informed the manager of the center of collision repair Hayden.

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