How can one design their own pooja rooms?

best pooja room interior design companies in Noida
best pooja room interior design companies in Noida

Pooja rooms are mostly mandatory in most of the Hindu homes and if one wants a pooja room in their house then there are a plenty of ideas with which one can create a serene and beautiful one.

One can also take help from the best pooja room interior design companies in Noida because they are the professionals and they also know how to create a beautiful one depending on the house plan and the design. They also checks vastu and decide on the location of the pooja room if the client wants that. According to vastu, the pooja room should be ideally on the north east direction of the house.

If one wants to do the designing of the pooja room on their own, then they must know that all the things are needed to be arranged correctly there. From the idol to the mandir and the other accessories are needed to be placed perfectly so that it looks clean and perfect.

Here are some tips that one can follow to form a serene pooja room:

Do not clutter pooja rooms

The pooja room as mentioned above must carry a serene ambience. Hence one must refrain from cluttering the room with too many idols or images. This can create a visual distraction and also can interfere with the calmness of the area. Also, one must remember that a pooja room must contain items that are only pooja related and nothing beyond that.

Decorate pooja rooms with metal

Pooja room has a lot of metal accessories like plates, bells, brass lamps and other things. So, one can decorate the rooms with different metallic colours and this can enhance the look of the room. But one cannot also go overboard with the metals because it can make the room look too shiny. One can use some subtle elements on the other hand like decorative metal motifs or a metallic paint on the door to keep the perfect balance.

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Marble always looks good in pooja rooms

There are various kinds of natural stones and among them one can use marble to do the flooring of the pooja rooms. This is because they are very luxurious and elegant. In fact, using white marbles on the floor can also add some soothing effect to the space. One can also make a small mandir inside the pooja room by using white marble. One can also use wood which is a great versatile home decor. So, one can use hand carved motifs and wooden mandirs in the pooja room as well. Wooden furniture also looks clean inside the room.

Modern pooja rooms with glass

If the pooja room is a part of the living room or at the corner of any other room then one must keep in mind that it should match the home decor of that room. The best thing that one can do is to make a small pooja room at the corner with glass. One can also arrange small shelves within the room where the idols can be placed.

One can also take help from the pooja room interior design companies in Noida to get the best ideas.

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